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Trade school

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by west, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. west

    west Guest

    My uncle went to a good electronic trade school over 30 years ago using a
    slide rule. What are the differences in the courses today, if he would take
    that 2 year program over again? Thank you.

  2. PeterD

    PeterD Guest


    He'd be using a calculator now?

    Some things never change (basics, theory, etc.) but other stuff has
    moved a million miles in 30 years. His intro course might be
    recognizable, but I suspect most of the practical stuff woudl be
    totally different.
  3. Vacuum tube theory has been dropped. Transistor theory has been dropped.
    Now it's logic flow and black boxes. Logic probes are out. No more
    troubleshooting down to the chip/pin. Just change the black box or card
    and throw it away, no more repairs. Electronics has been dummied down to
    the common idiot to repair. Red light comes on, swap the card. Lots of
    ESD control now. Safety, safety until you are sick to death.
  4. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    I think a good part of that depends on whether the OP wants to
    understand the theory or just be able to fix things... <g>

    If he wants to understand *how* things work, then I'd definately say
    that transistors, logic probes, logic analizers, etc. are important to
    know and understand.

    But... Though kinda nice to know and understand, vacuum tubes are not
    necessary! The final holdout (the CRT) is now gasping it's last
    breath, and soon the vacuum tube will be truely a part of history! In
    my new electronics book, I figure about 1 page of the almost 800 pages
    will be vacuum tube oriented (more a history lesson!)
  5. west

    west Guest

    What book is that? Also, You should read the threads on, you
    might feel different about tubes. They are a passion among many audiophiles.

  6. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    Electronics All-in-One Reference for Dummies.

    And I do know about the audiophile passion for tubes! Do I ever know.

    Years ago, a noted audiophile magazine compared tube and solid state
    equipment. Seemed that some could tell when the tube stuff was being
    used (every time, too.)

    Then the magazine pulled a couple of tricks: they add some tube
    distortion to the solid state amplifiers. They added a trace of hum.

    At that point none of those who could tell before were able to hear
    any difference between tubes and solid state!

    However, I do know (and love) tubes, I grew up (and old) with them,
    and see their magic... And, in some ways they were easier to
    understand than transistors. OTOH, tubes were *hot* (many a burn),
    used incredible voltages (many a bang), and not terribly reliable.
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