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Tracking on Sont CCD V3

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Larry Cooper, Dec 28, 2004.

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  1. Larry Cooper

    Larry Cooper Guest

    I have a sony CCD V3 Handycam that I took years of videos with. A couple of
    yesr ago I took it in to be repaired for some reason ( I can't remember
    now). When we got it back we used it for a while and it worked great.
    Recently we went ot replay some of the old tapes and their all not tracking
    (so bad half the picture is gone and theres no audio). All the tapes after
    the repair work fine. I would like to adjust this camcorder to play the old
    tapes just so I can put them to DVD. Is there an adjustment on the camcorder
    for Tracking?
    Sorry about being so long winded
    Thavks Larry
  2. Guest

    To adjust the tracking on this camcorder probably involves changing the
    position of the tracking guides usually #6 and 3 by loosening the
    locking screws at the base of each guide and changing the position of
    the guides.
    HOWEVER if you do this it will be very difficult to return to the
    proper adjustments without an alignment tape and the Track shift and
    monitor jig J-16:J-6080-843-A which only an Sony tech would have. If
    you'r interested in the adjustment procedure I can copy/scan and
    send/email it to you. ( I only have the manuals for the V5 and V9 but
    I think they're very simular.
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