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Touch Pad ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by L., Aug 16, 2004.

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  1. L.

    L. Guest


    I have an unusual question.... I came across a crap load of phones which
    still worked, but were removed from service to update to a "Computerized"
    system. I didn't need the phones, so I stripped them down for anything
    useable. I managed to get in the bunch, a few dozen of the TT Pads.... They
    look to be in decent shape, and I know the black pads are removable rather
    easily, as I've done one already. Would there be any use for these such as
    in repairing other items of similar nature or rebuilding such devices? I
    know there is a compound out there too, to repair pads, but I've also read
    mixed stories on the effectiveness. So, that is why I'm wondering if THESE
    will be of any use....

    I am thinking - cutting the black pads off, using them on any phones (I know
    it may be cheaper to buy new - but it doesn't stop some from trying) OR say
    on a controller for Nintendo and such systems..... Possibly even Scanner
    radios, Portable radios using such devices. They may not fit "all" purposes,
    but I'm sure they could work for some.


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