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total newbie question regarding eproms

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by BuGgY, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. BuGgY

    BuGgY Guest

    please bear with me cos i know zip about all things electronic

    Does anyone know where I can source approx 50 of the following eproms

    MC68HC705 & 27C010/27C020

    I also need to be able to write the image (that i have) to these eproms
    so will require a writer

    Cheap is as always an important factor :eek:)

  2. Lionel

    Lionel Guest

    That's a microcontroller/embedded CPU, not an EPROM. It's also made in
    several packages, so you'll need to specify the full part number to
    order them or identify which programmers will work with them.

    Motorola (now Freescale, with a crappy javascript website that takes
    about a minute to look anything up. Grrr) has obsoleted them, so you
    should seriously consider modding your design for a newer chip.
    Hopefully, it should be just a matter of changing to a new package &
    I think they should still be pretty available, but again, they're now
    made in a variety of packages, so you'll need to figure out which ones
    are acceptable to you. (Full size erasable chips in a ceramic DIP,
    one-time programmable tiny QIPs, etc)

    If you have a sample or prototype, you should copy down all the codes
    exactly from the chips that're in it.
    Once you've figured out the details for your chips, Googling for
    "eprom programmer" & the full part number for your chip should give
    you hundreds of suitable programmers at a wide variety of prices. ;^)

    27C010 "eprom programmer"
    Gave me some 13 thousand hits:
    You should also be able to find lots of programmer kits, used
    programmers & 'budget' new units on EBay.
  3. BuGgY

    BuGgY Guest

    Cheers Lionel

    has given me a place to get started :)

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