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Toshiba TV problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by James Goforth, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. New to this group, just going to include a quote from my sister who
    wanted me to post it on usenet:

    "... could you see if anybody else with a Toshiba CF27D50 has the same
    problem ...  it runs for a while and then the sound goes off ... 
    and what the disposition of the prob was?"

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. b

    b Guest

    Tel her to take it to a tech. the audio circuits will need
    troubleshooting; not the sort of thing you can just turn your hand to;
    but a tech ought to be able to diagnose and solve this relatively
  3. Yukio YANO

    Yukio YANO Guest

    sound goes off ...
    ??? Could this be related to my problem, with a Toshiba 26AF45L ! "It
    runs for a while and then a "blank Text Message box appears"!! over the
    Video image. I can clear it by toggling the Text/Caption button on
    the Remote Controller. I suspect toggling the "Mute " button will clear
    up the sound problem !!! The Salesman where I purchased this set
    mentioned that a few other customers had the same problem with this
    particular Model (Saskatoon)

    Happens most often on a NBC network program, Channel 115 on my Cable
    Network ! (Shaw Cable).
    I suspect it has something to do with the "Blanking Interval Signal".

    I called Toshiba Customer Service and got the usual runaround, so I
    suspect its something they are just getting a handle on !

    It has to be a software problem because I can clear it by toggling the
    "Text/Caption" button. The only Hardware solution would be to change the
    "Mother-Board" to change a PROM and since "Toshiba" does not have a
    Service Bulletin on this, they have not solved the problem!

    I guess Punching up the Mute button on the Remote Control, or not
    watching NBC? is a Partial fix. Gee I wonder if NBC might have the
    answer to this problem. In which case complaining to the FCC might
    actually force them to modify their SIGNAL !! Fat Chance !! The one
    thing that Bill Gates does well is bring Industry Wide Standards to
    software problems like this.

    Yukio YANO
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