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Toshiba tv problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    My toshiba tv set is 14 years old. Model #cf3262b.
    The red bleeds, distorting sound on only some channels. When the color
    is turned down, the sound is still distorted. It seems to bleed also
    when graphics are shown also in white, blue, and red. When the
    graphics appear, the sound gets louder with a buzzing sound where you
    can't hear the sounds of the program or commercial. I want to fix
    myself if anyone can help me troubleshoot the problem.
  2. Guest

    Based on the fact that this is a 14 year old set, and the symptom of
    bleeding color, more than likely the TUBE is shot. Bleeding can be
    caused by other things, but in this case it is probably the tube.
    Given the fact that also there is buzzing sound that needs to be fixed
    I think it is probably time to toss the TV. Sorry for the bad news.
  3. Guest

    Thanks for the tip. The TV sound buzzes loud when a color dominates
    the screen only on a few channels. After reading many posts, I can say
    that the red doesn't "bleed". The colors and text become fuzzy. After
    the dominate colors nor text dissapear the picture and sound are
    normal. Also, when I have my cable run through my DVD recorder then to
    my TV, the picture adjusts. The picture gets much better and the
    buzzing is lowered. I was wondering if there is an adjustment in my TV
    or maybe a part replacement to fix this, since my DVD recorder is
    somehow adjusting it internally.
  4. That's called "picture in sound". It indicates a possible problem in the
    Very possible, but it will cost you to find out.
  5. b

    b Guest

    sound-on-vision: you will need to check the tuner and IF sections and
    chances are you have bad electrolytic caps in the vicinity of the
    line transformer or wherever the power rails come from.
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