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Toshiba TV model CF2668B, CH. 9210 vertical problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    The set has six inches of vertical deflection with severe non
    linearity and foldover on top. Found one bad .1uf cap but replacing it
    made no difference. It seems like I struggled with one of these years
    ago with similar problems and I think I recall that there was a t0 220
    transistor near the vertical chip that was the cause or part of the
    problem. I found one used as a regulator near the vertical circuit and
    it checks good though. I have no schematic which doesn't help either.
    Does anyone have any tips on this model and/or a schematic if
    possible? Thanks, Lenny.
  2. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    Is this one of those Toshiba chassis with a bad 50V 2.2uF (?) cap near
    the jungle IC?

    - Franc Zabkar
  3. Guest

    You pretty much nailed it Frank. The problem was caused by the two
    small brown 1uf caps. One was near the output circuit which I had
    already replaced and the other was near the jungle IC. I remember this
    chassis now. Haven't seen one in a dog's age. Thanks everyone for all
    the tips.
    BTW Mark, what did you mean by your question, "How long have you been
    at this anyway"? Are you asking about television repairs in general,
    or time spent on this particular set? Lenny.
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