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toshiba tp48c50 Projection Tv Geometry Problem on red crt

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Michael Kennedy, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. My cousin has a Toshiba tp48c50 rear projection tv that has a geometry
    problem with the red tube. The picture is good in the center but twards the
    edges the red is bent in like the trapazoid adjustment needs to be adjusted.
    He called me thinking he needed a new red tube and I told him that it is
    probably something else since it isn't dim and it is still in focus.

    Does anybody have any ideas where to start with this?

    - Mike
  2. Guest

    Repair the convergence circuit, probably the red output, and realign
    the convergence using a test pattern generator and alignment manual
  3. Does anybody have the service manual for this TV?

    - Mike
  4. kip

    kip Guest

    Yes we all do.
  5. Okay.. maybe I should restate tha question.. Would anybody be nice enough to
    give me the location of this service manual? If you didn' see my parrent
    post it is a Toshiba tp48c50.

    - Mike
  6. You should try Toshiba parts distributors like Tritronics. The manuals are
    very reasonable for these sets if it still available. I think this one was
    only available on paper and you are unlikely to find it online. I don't
    know of any scans of it on any of the sites I use for manuals.

  7. Thanks..
    I guess I'll be ordering it.
    - Mike
  8. ampdoc

    ampdoc Guest

    The C-line sets are very simple, analog convergence, and the Convergence
    IC's are on a approx. 5x8 PCB held in with 5 screws located near the center
    of the chassis. The board can be removed without disturbing anything else.
    Look for the 2 large heatsinks and you'll find it. Be sure to note where
    each connector goes as you unplug it, and check the electrolytic caps while
    you have the board out. STK392-020 in these if I remember correctly. Replace
    them both while you have the board out, cheap insurance. That should fix you
    up. The convergence control PCB is in the front of the set, remove the
    speaker grille and the plastic cover under it, Conv Ctrl panel is underneath
    that. Pushbutton switch turns on the internal crosshatch generator, and the
    pots on the board should be labeled. If you have done any pjtv
    repair/convergence before this unit should be a cakewalk for you. I never
    needed a manual on any of the C or D line sets.

  9. Well I havn't worked on any projection tvs before but it sounds relatively

    - Mike
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