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Toshiba Thrive charging low battery event.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jamie, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    I leave my tablet in the car and yesterday I was using it and I didn't
    turn it off.

    This morning when I got into my car, the screen saver popped on, and I
    notice the low batter report on the screen, it said I had less than 20%
    or something of that matter.

    I started the car, I use the AC adapter that came with it in the car
    operating from a small (very small) inverter, the inverter has a time
    delay on after the car starts to prevent miss hits, something I went out
    of my way on getting.

    I didn't bother looking at the tablet because I was too busy driving
    but I know the inverter was operating because I also have another small
    device that operates from it and that was on so I knew everything was
    just fine.

    When I got to work this morning, i decided to reach over and do a full
    power off of the tablet, I noticed the battery indicator only light was
    on but the tablet was not. When I turned off the car, inverter shut
    down, 19 volt adapter turned off, but the battery light was still lit on
    the tablet. Also, when I tried to turn it on, no go.

    So i took it into work with me and tried charging it for a couple of
    hours, I don't know if it did anything or not however, regardless if I
    have the adapter in or out of the unit, the low batter LED (orange)
    remains on. So, I left it with no AC power all day, last time I checked,
    the LED was still illuminated as low battery..

    Do I need to fully discharge this thing to correct it or let it do a
    trickle charge for 24 hours before it corrects itself? The battery
    was reporting very low this morning. I thought maybe I may have to do
    what was needed when it was new?

    A little history, this Toshiba Thrive has had a bad habit of powering
    itself up randomly when it was fully shut down. This sometimes happens
    after a day or so of sitting around. I don't know if that has any
    bearing on the problem..

    If any one has some insights on this it would be much appreciated. For
    now I'll just charge it over night to see if it corrects.. I am thinking
    that maybe the unit got confused since it was on to start with when the
    battery voltage dropped to low, which may explain the reason for the low
    LED light being on even when no AC power is attached.

  2. Guest

    when did you buy this tablet?
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