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Toshiba Rear Projection TV convergence and power problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Sandy_M, Aug 7, 2003.

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  1. Sandy_M

    Sandy_M Guest

    Hi I have 2 1/2 year old Toshiba 43H70. It was working fine until I
    switched off at 7.30 pm last night. When I switched on around 9.30 pm
    it started showing diagonal picture with colors messed up (convergence
    upset). It stayed on for 30 sec and switched off and power switch
    started blinking. It won't come back up until unplug the power and
    replug it after sometime. If I unplug and replug immediately it won't
    switch on and power switch blinks. Again when it comes up same thing
    repeats (30 sec show and than shutdown). I tried to set convergence
    and was able to set it correctly for middle part (number 5) and it
    seems colors where ok for that portion of screen, but by that time it
    shutdown. If anyone has any idea about this kind of problem (any make
    projection tv), Could you please let me know what is wrong? I would
    like to get an idea before calling Toshiba service center. Do they
    (Toshiba Service center expert) come out to take a look and give free
    estimate or they charge for it?
    Thanks in advance for looking at this post and replying.
  2. David

    David Guest

    The convergence circuit needs troubleshot and repaired to the
    component level. Usually the convergence outputs start to fail but
    the digital convergence modules also are prone to failure.

    The shutdown is likely being caused due to the convergence failure at
    this point.

    You will be charged at a minimum the trip charge, around $50 to get
    the tech to the door plus some labor time in most cases, around $25 or
    so. That is assuming you live within 20 miles of the nearest Toshiba
    authorized servicer. Then there will be parts and labor on top of
    that. Typical labor is $125 to $175 depending on how extensive the
    repair and how many post repair adjustments are required, plus the
    parts. There is no way to know how much the parts will be until the
    tv set is diagnosed. Typically if both convergence ic's are bad and
    they are not those that are in super high demand and short supply,
    less than $100 total for parts. Average total in home repairs $200 to
    $350 for 75% or more of the usual repairs on a RPTV.

  3. Sandy_M

    Sandy_M Guest

    Thanks for your inputs/suggestions. I called Toshiba authorized serive
    center, they charge total of $72 (matching your $50 + $25). Is it
    possible to replace those ICs by ourselves. Is service manual
    available online somewhere? How difficult to replace convergence ICs?
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