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Toshiba Projection TV Convergence Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ken, Nov 15, 2004.

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  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    TV MODEL: 43H71

    The problem occurred after I wiped the tv screen with a 3M
    micro-fiber electronics cleaning cloth with a screen cleaning solution
    (not water) after I turned off the dvd player (attached to the
    components input of TV). After I turned the TV back on, the screen
    started to show the reds off focus and skewed on top and bottom of
    screen, and especially on the corners. I tried using the digital auto
    focus button and it showed the 'auto focus error' message. I also
    tried the manual 9 convergence feature, but I couldn't move the red
    cross-hair downward on the corners (1,3,7,9) to converge with the blue
    and green. I can only move it horizontally. When I called Toshiba,
    they told me to try unplugging the TV from the outlet for 30 minutes
    to reset the controls, which I tried and it didn't work. The problem
    seemed to affect only the red and not the blue and green. I also tried
    the convergence adjustment in the service mode, but some of the red
    lines on top and bottom are skewed and cannot be moved or re-aligned.
    Does this sounds like a convergence problem or parts problem? I had
    this TV only 2 years but the warranty already expired. If I were to
    have this service by an in-home service tech, how much would this type
    of repair costs. Any help on his matter would be appreciated.
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Probably coincidence only, nothing to do with the screen cleaning process.
    Will need to have the convergence output circuitry repaired, replacing the
    STK output devices, maybe a few other components. Then a touchup of the
    dynamic registration. May consider contacting a local servicer to quote you
    the repair costs.
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