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Toshiba Laptop for Parts

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jul 6, 2005.

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    I have the following parts to fit Many Toshiba Satellite Pro laptops.
    Please contact me at this email for shipping costs. Please remove the
    extra padded spaces from the email address.

    therepairman @ optonline .net

    Mini Fan Panasonic UDQFB2E02 here is the link for more info:

    Asking Price $3.00 plus shipping

    ALSO Great for other science or electronic projects
    Keypad # UE0283P03 ASKING 10.00
    This keyboard is used, but tested and I will guaranty satisfaction or
    your money back! But I will not pay the returning shipping fee. Please
    check the compatibility by yourself before bidding.

    Toshiba Laptop Keyboard for Satellite & Tecra Systems - Toshiba Part
    Number: UE0283P03 or P000203100. Compatible Laptops: Satellite 100CS ,
    Satellite 105CS , Satellite 110CS , Satellite 110CT , Satellite 200CDS
    , Satellite 205CDS , Satellite Pro 400CDS , Satellite Pro 400CDT ,
    Satellite Pro 400CS , Satellite Pro 405CS , Satellite Pro 410CDT ,
    Satellite Pro 410CS , Satellite Pro 415CS , Satellite Pro 420CDS ,
    Satellite Pro 420CDT , Satellite Pro 425CDS , Satellite Pro 430CDS ,
    Satellite Pro 430CDT , Satellite Pro 435CDS , Tecra 510CDT , Tecra
    700CS , Tecra 710CDT , Tecra 720CDT , Tecra 730XCDT , Tecra 740CDT
    Floppy Disc 3 1/2 internal bay removed from a Satellite Pro 429 CDS
    will also fit many other Satellite Pro Laptops $5.00

    External CD Rom Drive Bay: $7.00


    Internal Power Supply from a Satellite Pro 429 CDS

    Internal Disc Drive

    P?N HD2712

    Drive worked fine No bad sectors
    Asking $12.00

    Interan Speaker

    Sound Card
    ESS ES688F
    Asking $10.00
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