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Toshiba DVD Player Capacitor Fix

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by dannyhindes, Dec 9, 2003.

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  1. dannyhindes

    dannyhindes Guest

    Anyone had luck with just removing C928? Only works if C927 and C929
    happen to still be good. I am about to give it a try, just removing

    Then if that doesn't fix it, I'll replace C929 and see if that does


    I found another reference on the web - supposedly by someone claiming
    to be a Toshiba techie - who claimed that C928 could be left out.

    Danny Hindes
  2. Anyone had luck with just removing C928? Only works if C927 and C929
    Replace C927, C928, AND C929.

    Those 100 microfarad caps are cheap, so you might as well replace all the
    suspected caps so you won't have to go back into it again. Be sure to get caps
    that have a voltage tolerance that is at least 25 volts. You can go higher
    than that without worry; a higher voltage rating simply means that the cap will
    run cooler in this particular application. - Reinhart
  3. dannyhindes

    dannyhindes Guest

    UPDATE on my Toshiba DVD Player:

    I first tried removing C928 to no avail. So I broke down and replaced
    all the noted capacitors. I had trouble removing the leads from the
    plated through holes, so I snipped the bad CAPs' bodies off, and
    piggy-backed the new devices on the back of the board - I just
    hot-glued them on, and formed their leads to make surface-mount style
    solder joints.

    Now it is running fine!

    Thanks to all...

    Danny Hindes
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