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Toshiba CF36H50 - Module H002

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by flood, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. flood

    flood Guest

    Having an extremely hard time finding a part number for a module for
    Toshiba CF36H50. I am too cheap to go to an authorized dealer (plu
    they are at least 2 hours away and from what I can tell it will cost m
    $200 just to get it looked at). The tv is probably only worth abou

    Basically the tv goes into some sort of screen test mode. Rotate
    different screen resolutions/formats/colors.

    However, in service mode the tv works fine (other than no sound). I ru
    the self diagnostic it shows the following info:

    Part No: 23906358
    Power: 000
    Bus Line: NG
    Bus Cont: NG H002
    Block: UV V1 QV01 QV01S

    By no means am I a repair expert but I assume the Part No. is the I
    chip it is running the diagnostic on and the H002 is the modul
    indicating a fault. Problem is that H002 is only mentioned in th
    service mode adjustment section - it is not listed in the parts lis
    section - nor is it on any of the board diagrams. I also cannot fin
    the label on the board visually (I can find H001 - the tuner - but no
    H002). I can find the part number for other Toshiba models but not th
    CF36H50 - the parts distributors tell me it is probably different.

    Can anyone help me on what this part might look like (so I can identif
    it on the main board and get the part number off it) or know of a way t
    determine the part number? I have contacted Toshiba and they of cours
    were no help.

    I really don't want to trash the tv since it still accepts inputs an
    still works in service mode.

    Thanks for any help you can provide
  2. Guest

    Have you tried turning of the dealer demo mode using the remote control
    that came with the tv set yet?
  3. flood

    flood Guest

    I haven't tried that - may work depending if the sound works (it didn'
    in service mode). Is there a standard key combo on the remote to ente
    "dealer demo" mode? or is it manufacturer specific? I searched aroun
    google and these forums and didn't find anything specific for Toshiba
    I assume it is not in the service manual.

  4. Is there a Demo mode listed in the customer menu?

    Jeff Stielau
    Shoreline Electronics Repair
    344 East Main Street
    Clinton,CT 06413
    860-664-3535 (fax)

  5. flood

    flood Guest

    I put it in demo mode from the customer menu - no go. In the servic
    manual it mentions that H002 in relation to the Attenuator and th
    Stereo VCO. Any chance just adjusting these values could make
    difference? Nothing I can screw up by adjusting these is there
  6. Guest

    That is a CF, H series Toshiba. I recall a bad 1000uf Samsung
    capacitor off a scan derived pwoer supply causing that same problem a
    long time ago. Toshiba tech support had the information as they got a
    hold of a bad batch of them. Check all your main Vcc voltages that are
    derived off the 12v scan derived line.
  7. flood

    flood Guest

    I am not enough of a repairman to check voltages - if it comes down t
    that I will just have to trash the tv. But it seems in the servic
    manual - there are two different chassis N7S and N8ES - however onl
    one is valid for this tv (N8ES) - seems the H002 is mentioned in th
    N7S chassis but not the N8ES. From what I can tell the equivalent i
    likely QG01 in the A/V block. There are two 2.2uF capacitors in thi
    line that may be suspect. I assume I can use a multimeter to see i
    resistance builds to infinity(or a high value)
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