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Toshiba CF2052A Vertical Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Louis Leciejewski, Aug 5, 2003.

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  1. I have a Toshiba CF2052A TV that is about 12 years old. It appears there is
    a problem in the area of the vertical circuitry because the picture is
    starting to stretch out in the vertical direction (long faces, text going
    off screen and the like). I have repaired some of my Toshibas in the past
    with the help of this group and I hope someone will be able to send along
    some hints as to which component(s) could be the cause of this problem. I do
    not have the schematic however I will be able to locate the parts on the
    circuit board. Most likely I am hoping a new capacitor or two will fix the
    problem. I doubt very much if there is a control that adjusts vertical as in
    the "old days".

    Thank you very much in advance for any advice, it is greatly appreciated.
    The TV has a great picture and I dont want to dump it yet if it can be


  2. Sarah

    Sarah Guest

    Louis, try changing C301 and C305, 2.2uf 50 volt caps, maybe 308 220uf 35V
  3. Mike

    Mike Guest

    caps in the vertical section are leaking, or high in ESR.

    change all the caps in the vert section, it should clear it up, and prevent
    future problems in that area.
  4. Bill Jr

    Bill Jr Guest

    C301 and C305 come to mind.
    Bright red or green low ESR type caps that leak.
    You need to obtain 105 degree rated 1uf or 2.2uf 50 volt caps for
    Wouldn't hurt to replace the other few electrolytic caps near the vertical
    BTW one of the culprit caps is actually near the jungle IC.

    Good Luck,
    Bill Jr
  5. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will locate those Capacitors and
    all of them as suggested.


    Lou Leciejewski

  6. Bill Jr wrote in message ...
    Thanks Bill Jr. I assume those capacitors are near the Vertical IC? Is that
    what you refer to as the "jungle IC"? Per chance do you have a schematic
    that gives this IC a number? Otherwise I will be able to locate it I am sure
    from finding C301 and C305 (I assume).


    Email: garfield
  7. Bill Jr

    Bill Jr Guest

    If I'm not mistaken C301 is near the "jungle IC" and C305 is near the
    vertical IC.
    The vertical IC should be 8 or 9 pins and labeled IC301 while the "jungle
    IC" should be around 48 to 64 pins, in the middle of the board and should be
    labeled something similar to TA8608.
    I'm going from memory here so bear with me if the part and pin numbers are
    not exact.
    You should be able to get enough info from this (and others') posts to get
    the job done.

    Good Luck,
    Bill Jr
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