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Toshiba 57H83 dead set part NLA

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jeff Rigby, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Jeff Rigby

    Jeff Rigby Guest

    Got a 57H93 HD Toshiba top end 2003 set in for service and it's DEAD.
    I think I have all the documentation, and you are right...can't tell what
    the MPU is looking for, no documentation on it's internal logic.

    On previous chassis (H83) there was no ATSC digital module with the scine
    circuitry. The MPU didn't have the extra serial data port that talks only
    to the digital board. There were two serial data lines that talked to other
    processors in the set and even if the serial data line was blocked by being
    held low or high the MPU would boot and indicate by flashing the power on
    led it's status and sometimes what circuit had the problem. That was a
    useful feature. It seems that feature was not implemented for the data line
    to the digital board and it's so critical that they have no recovery option
    if the digital board doesn't talk to the MPU. The last is a guess.

    As for the digital module, there is no documentation for that and the serial
    data line between the gemstar module and digital (scine) board is dedicated.
    My only hope is to check the digital board for obvious problems internally
    like power and data lines critical to the main controller in the digital
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