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Toshiba 51 RPTV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by j, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. j

    j Guest

    I have a Toshiba 51 inch RPTV thats 5 years old. About 3 months ago
    it became diffulcult to read my DirectTV channel tags on the top/
    bottom of the screen when it was cold (first turned on). Well it
    progressively has gotten worse to the point the whole screen is
    garbled for the first 15 minutes. Finally called a TV repairman, he
    walks in the door looks at it and says "that's not good". Proceeds to
    tell me it's the PIP board, Toshiba doesn't make it anymore, he has to
    rebuild it for $350. Mind you he hasn't gotten closer than 6 feet
    from the tv. I say I don't know if I'm conmfortable putting $350 in
    this tv when I can get 51 inch tv's new for $700 nowadays. Of course
    he says his shop is filled with these "new" $700 tv's and they "don't
    build them like they used too". I'm like well 5 years is all I got
    out of this one, how much worse can they get, he says alot. I tell
    him I need to think about it. So....., what would you do? I have
    the room for a RPTV, and don't want to blow the cash on a Plasma/LCD
    etc. Is fixing this a worthy investment? Did I get a good

  2. It is very hard to tell with the vague description, no model number, and no
    part numbers of the diagnosed board. Likely he was talking about the Hyper
    module, which would be in the range that you described and some of them are
    NLA. Not an uncommon scenario for Toshiba RPTVs of that vintage.

  3. Dani

    Dani Guest

    Your Model # is probably 50H81, or something like that. Without the
    model, or chassis number, it's hard to tell what part number is the
    right one, but it sounds right about the "hyper module" being bad, &
    it costs the repairshop about $ 300 approx. to get it rebuilt at
    Toshiba. Also, the module is not available from Toshiba, & has to go
    to Toshiba for rebuild to guarantee a proper rebuild. Some techs do it
    themselves. The hyper module is listed at the site below, but they may
    not have stock. It is a good T.V., & they DON'T make them like they
    used to. If the picture isn't blurry, or weak (bad picture tubes), it
    IS worth repairing. These units last a long while. You could try
    ptscorp, they had stock a while back for $190
    &you can get $60 back for sending them the dud. Below is their site.
    Hope this helps you out! Dani.

    Part # 23148024 is $ 500.64 Canadian list price at Global
    Semiconductor in Mississauga, Ontario
  4. j

    j Guest

    Sorry it is a 50HDX82, it was a higher level Toshiba at the time of
    purchase. This sems to be a common problem with them? He talked
    about rebuilding it himself, should I trust this or insist on a
    factory rebuild?

  5. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    The repair for your set will be fairly expensive. I would suggest to
    retire the set, and get something new and with a full warranty.
    Because of the age of the set, there is no gaurantee that the set will
    be fully reliable in other areas.

    Jerry G.
  6. j

    j Guest

    I've decided to fix the set, believe it or not, when it warms up the
    picture is still great.

    I have access to electricians who fix boards at work. They do this or
    machines don't run. Would it be wise to try this repair with some
    help, or let the tv repairman handle it. Also, I have a friend who
    sends his amps out to be reworked and upgraded to higher grade
    capacitors, maybe his contact would be more reliable at repairing the
    board, if I removed it. Will better capacitors make it look any
    better, or is that overkill? My friend swears by his amps after being
    reworked, but he has a very high end Class A HT ($30,000) set-up.

    Thanks again for your help.
  7. j

    j Guest

    I take it silence means it's not a good idea?
  8. bz

    bz Guest

    Cold solder joints, broken traces, defective
    transitors/ics/capacitors/resistors, all can cause intermittent and
    thermally related problems.

    Changing all the capacitors might fix it. It might not.

    I suspect that sending your board to the people that fix your friends amp
    may produce a bill similar to the bills he gets for work on his amp. You
    probably are not willing to pay that much.

    As for his swearing by his amp, "A mother's opinions about her children's'
    beauty, intelligence, goodness, et cetera ad nauseam, keep her from
    drowning them at birth. [Robert Heinlein]"

    With high speed A-to-D(analog to digital) and
    high speed, high power D-to-A,
    it is possible to produce amps (with almost any filter profile you might
    desire) that accurately amplify from DC to above the hearing range of any
    human, for a LOT less than $30k.

    Beauty is in the ear of the listener, however.

    bz 73 de N5BZ k

    please pardon my infinite ignorance, the set-of-things-I-do-not-know is an
    infinite set.

    remove ch100-5 to avoid spam trap
  9. Charlie East

    Charlie East Guest

    I am working on a Toshiba 42h83 with the same problem, I found a lot of info
    at, search the 42h83 then look at picture zigzag, Seems the
    digital converter board is a commom failure on several models. 11 ([email protected])
    surface mount caps that need changing. I replaced them in this set and cured
    the zigzag, however there is still a ghosting problem, So I would suggest
    replacing the board, Its a plugin board, but the shield is soldered to the
    main moard at 4 places.
  10. j

    j Guest

    thanks I'm still trying to find the time, doing a tranny rebuild
    I was told there was no replacement board?
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