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Toshiba 48" Projection TV possible capacitor problem model #TP4871B

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by 30W, Dec 1, 2004.

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  1. 30W

    30W Guest

    Hello all I was hoping someone here might be able to help me out on a
    little problem I am having with my TV. On the tv there is a small
    line going across the screen which goes away after 10 minutes of being
    powered up. My wife called a television repair man and he wrote down
    on his receipt "Needs vertical rebuild capacitors bad" and he wanted
    to charge $400.00!!!! I am an electronics tech but never worked on a
    TV before so I thought I would look over the pcb to see if I see any
    bulging or leaking caps. All the caps seem fine, I even took a few out
    and measured their capacitance but realized after reading up on ESR
    that is not totally reliable. I had repaired a grainy arcade monitor
    once for someone but all I did was change every single electrlytic cap
    on the board and it did the trick. Anyone know like a certain position
    that the caps the repairman are referring to might be in? Like near a
    hor/ver. transistor?

    Also one last question I know working with tube televisions you have
    to be careful of the high voltage. Someone told me with a projection
    TV there is no high voltage stored once the TV is off because there is
    no tube. Is this true? If not good thing I have been treating it like
    it is charged.

    TIA for any help!!!
  2. Rono

    Rono Guest

    The capacitors in question are by the vertical IC!
    The IC is probably bad, & check the supplines of
    12, & 24 volts! Diode may be shorted, resistor open,
    & caps by the IC likely bad! Rono.
  3. 30W

    30W Guest

    Thanks Rono ill take a look at that. I was hoping the pcb would be
    labeled as what section controlled what. I guess I will order the
    schematic from sams and see whats controlling what.

    Thanks Again
  4. Jeff Rigby

    Jeff Rigby Guest

    Vert out is usually a vert mounted IC with 8 to 13 pins. $400 for repair,
    call another servicer. We generally charge $150 TOTAL for the repair in the
    home. There are some cases where it need shop repair and that's about $220.

    In your case it's probably a bad connection or a bad cap, parts cost $6.00
  5. 30W

    30W Guest

    Yeah thats what I figured. The TV had two main PCB's and I think im
    looking at the wrong one. I looked up the standing IC with maybe 10
    pins and it was an audio amp so im figuring the board i was looking at
    was the sound board. So now im going to pull out the other pcb with
    the fly back transformer on it. I was delaying on that board because I
    am still not sure if there is high voltage or not after the TV is off.
    Its a projection TV and I was told only tube TV's store that voltage
    but still want to play it safe. If I remember right it did not have
    any high voltage warnng stickers, im at work so I cant check right
    now. Do you know if there is high voltage in projection tv when it is
    off? Thank for your help Jeff.
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