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Toshiba 36" TV with flashing red light

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by mase, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. mase

    mase Guest

    (A man wrote this review at Toshiba TV, Model CV36V51,
    because of the quality of the picture in the retail area. However
    after about 18 months, the picture went blank. The sound was present
    and menus items showed up as good as usual. I discovered that if the
    the brightness was adjusted to maximum, I would get a temporary
    picture as good as ever. After a time the picture would become hazy
    and substantial darker for a period of time but would then revert back
    to an excellent picture. The picture would operate in the temporary
    status only when the menus items Color Temperature was adjusted to
    COOL and the Picture Preference was in the (Memory) status. In
    addition to the above, the set would become blank and the red on light
    indicator would begin to flash and the remote and other functions
    would not function.

    I have the same story as the guy above, the front of the TV red light
    blinks and if I whack the front of the TV the red would turn solid and
    would get a picture. The whacking has stopped and I have no picture.
    Is it the mother that is going bad? Because was reading about the Sony
    Wega TV having these problem. The boards are bad. It's the A and C
    boards. Is it time to get a new TV or is there something loose in the
    back.......I have open up the back and see nothing loose the back.

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