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Toshiba 34HF83 Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Hopefully my 2 year old tv isn't dead - I switched video modes to my
    book pc and noticed that it was out of alignment, so I turned the tv on
    and off to fix that problem, which always works. When it came back on,
    I had a black screen and audio. I can see the OSD menu, but can't seem
    to get a picture back, no matter which input / mode is used. Have reset
    by unplugging for 15 minutes, tried analog cable directly into the set,
    tried the front panel inputs with no luck. Went into the service menu
    and can see the numbers/letters in the upper right corner.
    Anyone have any suggestions other than getting it in for service?
    Vancouver BC
  2. I see it's a recent model Toshiba, meaning it was probably made by
    Onion electronics, the same company that shits out Durabrand for
    Wal-Mart, E-Gear at Target, laughable brand for television sets like
    Sansui and Memorex, Admirals for Monkey Wards, Insignia (Best Buy),
    Emerson and some JVCs as well as countless other brand that i can't
    even think of at the moment. You're better off throwing that sack of
    shit in the trash and buying a brand new telly.
  3. I forgot to mention, don't suck dick in the service menu unless you
    know what you are doing, or else you will end up with a busted TV.
    Considering how bad television is, that might not be a bad thing. The
    less televisions, the better.
  4. Tony Hwang

    Tony Hwang Guest

    You better remember Onion is capable of producing anything. It all
    depends on the spec. sheet coming with the order. When you demand
    quality with proper price, quality is made. Don't paint them all with
    one brush. Been to China and had some chance to tour some of places
    where those are made? I did.
  5. EF in FLA

    EF in FLA Guest

    I forgot to mention, don't suck dick in the service menu unless you
    A busted TV is precisely her problem.

  6. Jeff Rigby

    Jeff Rigby Guest

    "Erich J. Schultheis, The Man with the 15 inch Cock." <>
    wrote in message
    I haven't seen any HD Toshiba CRT sets made by anyone but Toshiba. Sets
    below 32 inch are as you say either Orion or Funai depending on the model.
  7. Guest

    No, Toshiba 34HF83 was made by Toshiba, not by Orion. Very solid set,
    but a lemon can always occur.
  8. Guest

    Jeff, actually all Toshiba CRT sets are now made by Orion, regardless
    of what size and price. Toshiba no longer manufactures any CRT
  9. Guest

    ....well, hopefully mine isn't that lemon - the cam-convertor is gone
    apparently - I'm looking at an ~ $550 CDN repair bill. They did say
    that they thought it wasn't made by Toshiba however...
  10. Guest

    Not true by what the repairman says. How about taking this one to a
    different repair center. It may be cheaper.
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