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Toroidal trannie question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Daniel Stover, Jul 2, 2004.

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  1. Hi there,

    Newbie to the group, semi-newbie to electronics.

    I'm building a tube mic and power supply. Rather than a single
    transformer, it calls for two trannies with one backwards.

    So when I go to mount them, should I mount them on the same plane, or
    is is alright to stack them. Either way doesn't really matter as the
    PSU boards aren't very big and i'll have plenty of room between them
    and the trannies.

    Mainly wanting to know out of curiousity and for future reference.

  2. Kevin R

    Kevin R Guest

    I think it is probably better to avoid stacking them. I think the risk of the magnetic
    field from one affecting the other is quite small, but it is a risk. But the main thing
    is that you are reducing the surface area exposed to air and so it is less able to
    dissipate heat.

    One big thing to remember with toroidal tansformers is do not short the top end of the
    bolt with which they are bolted down to the metalwork at the other end of the bolt or it
    will constitue a shorted turn.
    Also do not over tighten the bolt. I have seen this done on a number of occasions where
    it has resulted in shorted turns.
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