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top-loading coin cell holder

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Charles Cox, Oct 1, 2003.

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  1. Charles Cox

    Charles Cox Guest

    I'm looking for a top-loading coin cell holder with a screw-on cover that can be
    soldered or otherwise attached to a PCB. Specifically, I'm looking for
    something to hold a 2032, 2025 or 2016 coin cell. Ideally, I'd like a complete
    sub-assembly that can be soldered onto the PCB and accessed via a ~21mm hole in
    the enclosure. The idea would be that the top of the holder would be flush with
    the outside of the enclosure and the user would simply unscrew the cover with a
    screwdriver to replace the battery. I've checked our usual suppliers and did a
    Goggle search, but haven't found anything yet. Thanks in advance.

    Chuck Cox
    SynchroSystems Motorsport Computers
    Hopped/Up Racing Team
    <> <>
  2. I have doubts about the mechanical viability of such a construct.
    Solder is somewhat brittle, so you don't want unwary users exterting
    unchecked amounts of force on an object mechanically linked to
    soldered connections --- the risk of breaking them is just *too* high.
    And that's before you consider somebody exerting enough force on that
    screw-top to possibly even bend and damage the PCB itself.

    There is a reason battery holders are almost invariably connected to
    the PCB by pieces of cable, see?
    My guess would be that for reasons like the above, the part makers
    decided that nobody would want such a piece, and therefore don't make
  3. There are such things from Dallas/Maxim for holding IButtons. Perhaps an IButton is
    the same size as a battery you can use.

    These are snap-in, not screw top.
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