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Today, I had the misfortune

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by PeteS, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    to visit the NXP (nee Philips) website. I am replacing a legacy part and
    needed the original datasheet for comparison purposes. It's not a
    website, it's marketdroid mental masturbation.

    We've had these rants before, of course, but I'm getting to the point of
    writing an open letter to semi mfrs - on the lines of 'just give me the
    content'. There's a place for javascript (I like the way TI and OnSemi
    [for example] use it for the parameterisable lists), but don't make the
    entire website non-navigable without it; and don't make me use Flash.

    I use FF2 with NoScript and is not navigable at all unless I
    enable javascript and Flash (ugh).

    I wrote them a nastygram (which will no doubt be ignored). It's a pretty
    website for the investors and an excuse when they start to go down the
    tubes "...but the website looks so nice with all those animations. It's
    not our fault nobody buys our products..." where in reality it _is_
    their fault. Nobody buys the products because the website is not
    targeted at it's proper audience.

    I made a final decision today to not bother looking for their parts any
    more - there's nothing they have I can't get elsewhere, especially in
    the original design stage where I can choose parts based on
    availability, functionality and decent documentation (another pet peeve).

    ok - rant mode off (for now). We now return to our regular programming.



  2. Guest

    Are you back yet from your UK vacation? Or are you doing work while on
  3. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    I'm back from vacation (I live in the UK nowadays :) - I was trying to
    deal with something a cow-orker hosed up.

    I went to the highlands and sampled many a fine malt - now I'm wishing I
    was still doing it ;)


  4. The last time I visited a Morrisons they stocked a pretty decent selection
    of malts. No need to go to the highlands for that.....

  5. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    Buying a malt at Morrisons vs tasting it at the distillery is rather
    like the difference between buying a fish at Morrisons and getting it at
    the dock off the boat.


  6. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    I agree.

    It insisted on me registering just to be able to view *datasheets* yet the
    registration with my password didn't arrive for ~ 12 hours by which time I'd
    found the data elsewhere and generally lost interest.

  7. Last time I tried I just ignored the login and it let me at the
    datasheets w/o an issue. I do agree with the general tenor of the
    comments though. Registration requirements are one reason Luminary
    parts are low on my list of alternatives to look at.

  8. YD

    YD Guest

    For older parts I always check first.
    Often enough it's the original mfr's datasheet without the hassle.

    - YD.
  9. If you mean the 'front door', then yes - but I've bookmark the usefull
    pages, and go straight to those.
    The search in philips/nxp works quite well, and I like their
    'similar parts' link ideas.

    I did find they broke the philips/nxp website under netscape, with
    badly aligned pages - smacks of poor testing, but it does render OK
    under Firefox.
    Well, OnSemi drives me nuts with their poorly filtered lists. I want to
    do much more than re-order the columns, so I gave up and use Fairchild's
    search instead.

    I tried disable of javascript and their search and links seemed to work,
    with much simpler (but usable) rendered page view.
    I typed BC857W into the search window, and disabled javascript.

    The Philips datasheets themsleves I find quite good, and the search
    usually gets pretty straight to them, IF you know the part number.
    Where they could improve things, is device search.

    eg suppose I _know_ that I want a SMD MOSFET, Rds < 5mOhms, 20-40V,
    I should be abe to tell their web that, and get a quick short list.

  10. Tom Lucas

    Tom Lucas Guest

    Not long now until the most Northerly Scotch is ready for consumption -
    late this year for the three year old and late 2008 for the 5 year old.
    Check out for details. It's
    pretty dear to pre-order and the taxman will want another cut on
    delivery but it would be good to have a few bottles of the first run
    (which might become a good investment - how much would a bottle of the
    first Talisker go for?)

    I grew up in Shetland so I must declare an interest in plugging the
    local booze. I can also recommend White Wife and Simmer Dim real ales as worth a try if you come across
  11. Ban

    Ban Guest

    What is wrong with that? Can't you selectively enable those for this site?
    I really like the feature to download all relevant literature nicely zipped
    up, so everything is together and the file is named as the part number. It
    is also smaller if you are on dial-up.
    You should learn how to come fastest to the desired docs, which is typing
    the part no into google. I never visit those home pages, go directly to the
    product folder.

    Actually it is one of my favourite sites. No registration, pretty fast, good
    search, no nasty renaming of datasheets with cryptic names (this bothers me
    much more than JS).
    IMHO you seem anyway not to specify hardware parts, rather being a
    complainer like this Jorg. Maybe you should apply for a job there.
  12. JW

    JW Guest

    Hmmm. Curious, I just downloaded a datasheet without registering. What
    part were you looking for?

    For websites that DO require web registration, I recommend using the
    Firefox browser with the BugMeNot extension. (In fact, I recommend dumping
    Internet Exploder entirely :) I just went to the site, and BugMeNot worked

    For most sites all you need to do is right click on the login, and it will
    supply the credentials needed to get into the site. To get both of these
    FREE programs see:
  13. David Brown

    David Brown Guest

    3 year old whiskey is going to be pretty rough - that's the minimum age
    it has to be before you can even legally call it whiskey. There are
    very few self-respecting malts that are less than 8 years old.
  14. Tom Lucas

    Tom Lucas Guest

    I know and it worried me somewhat, especially considering what they are
    charging. However, I think there must be some 8yo due for an appearance
    because I dimly remember them beginning to mature the whisky quite a
    while ago (and it's been easily three years since I was last on the

    Still it's darn cold up there and a bit of rough whisky would be welcome
    to warm the cockles ;-)
  15. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    When were you last there ?

    You're required to register now if you want to download anything. Sheer idiocy
    if you ask me.

  16. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    I actually forget now. It might have been an 8051 family part. Maybe they've
    changed it now but this was only a week or so ago.

    I use Opera.

  17. Ban

    Ban Guest

    I just looked and downloaded a couple of ds without registration. Only
    Javascript, no flash also.
  18. The reason is a good one, it might just need a better answer. If people are
    using automatic tools to trawl their database, maybe to set up their own as
    a way to trap business, the original source loses out twice, first in
    bandwidth costs, later in lost business. They probably want to make sure
    that if someone comes after their stuff it's a human wanting something
    specific, not some kind of virtual riever.

    I don't like the new blocks and annoyances, but I can see why their being
    tried. Still, if these sites would dispense with the feature rich added
    value pumped up extra silliness they'd maybe save even more bandwidth and
    money, but such is life...
  19. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    They must have changed it, thank goodness for that !

    It's still horribly slow though. It wasn't that bad when it was Philips.

  20. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello Pete,

    Wouldn't have said it quite that drastically but I agree. It is a
    classic example of how not to set up a web site.

    Tried that with Philips Semi (rest in peace...), Infineon and ST. In a
    very friendly tone and to the top brass. Got ignored but that didn't
    surprise me.

    Absolutamente. There are numerous reasons why some semi mfgs are
    struggling, to the point where they must auction off their biz. Poor web
    design is one but by far the predominant reason is a poor (or
    non-existent?) sampling process. Try to get a few BSP297. Been there,
    spent almost 2hrs on the phone, told them we'd pay whatever it takes,
    was promised numerous times that they'd now really be on the way, became
    frustrated, designed them out. That is "the" method to lose business.
    Problem is, because of their lack in listening skills they'll never know
    how much of their business is going to competitors on a regular basis.

    I haven't put any company on my blacklist yet except those that are
    notorious for vaporware (we all know those...). But like you I first go
    to mfgs with a proper web site and when I find 2-3 sources within budget
    I might never venture to the ones with inefficient web sites.

    Well, some things need to be rubbed in. Hoping someone wakes up at the
    big mfgs. Probably they won't.
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