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To PVM1010 Users (PVPowered inverter users)

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by [email protected], Mar 3, 2008.

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    I know there is a web site that records your data but it is a 15 minute
    average and has POOR presentation capabilities.

    Over the last few months, as time allowed, I have written a program to
    record and display data collected through a PVM1010 unit. This is from
    PVPowered and connects to their units via the comm port connection on
    the motherboard.

    I record a reading every minute and have many different displays
    including a year of history and much more including local temperature by
    ZIP code and sun angle by lat/long. I am fairly happy with it now and
    would like to have some testers and would gladly accept comments, good
    or bad, about operation and desired additional features.

    If anyone would like to try this program, let me know. Microsoft's
    distribution creation has some problems and, at the moment, it does not
    run on all XP machines and it may not run at all on Vista (but then who
    would run Vista?).

    If you would like to try, it is easy to get, install and delete if it
    does not run.


    m i k e "at" I L i k e T h e I n t e r n e t {dot} c o m

    Just compress the spaces and make the obvious changes. I am SO SICK of
    SPAM!!!!!!!!!! My parts are large enough and I don't want to cleanse my
    colon! And I have enough millions, thank you. NO need to write me
    about more.
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