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To catch a thief, Advice needed

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Dave, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    We have a thief working at our company. He is very reliable and because
    of this, I think we can catch him on video.

    What I want to do is install a hidden camera with a recorder and set
    out some bait in front of the camera. Of course, my budget is limited,
    so I am looking for advice on how to do this the most inexpensive and
    easy way.

    Everything I have seen at the security websites are overkill. I only
    need a single channel of video, with the capability to record at least
    1 week, but preferably 2 weeks with good resolution and at least 1
    frame per second.

    I am also wondering about installing the camera. I need a small
    camera, but good image quality in order to identify the culprit. But I
    have to hide the thing of course. I was thinking about using a fake
    mirror (mirror glass) but I'm not sure where get something like this.
    Or maybe one of those fake clocks or something with a built in

    Thanks for any help....
  2. Robertm

    Robertm Guest

    There was a thief who frequented a local coffee shop and dipped into the jar
    where customers would put quarters for the morning paper. The owner of the
    store bought some UV dusting powder and dusted some coins in the jar. Then
    he put a UV lamp near the checkout register. When the thief paid for his
    morning coffee, his hands glowed. Perhaps you don't need something as
    elaborate as a camera.

  3. There was a thief who frequented a local coffee shop and dipped into the
    One of the employees at a friend's pharmacy many years ago was stealing
    other people's lunches. One day the proprietor placed a little ipecac in
    his sandwich and waited... :^)
  4. Joe Lucia

    Joe Lucia Guest

    You should be able to find a Web Camera with included software that
    allows time-lapse or motion-activated recording with your PC. I just
    saw one at Fry's Electronics that was intended for just this, it had
    Infrared LED's so it could see in the dark and a looong usb cable to
    your PC. Because it's Wired I expect it would be decent video. It was
    about $200.
  5. Guest

    well you will need digital recording for that time, check out the GE
    VDR for a VCR priced DVR with Removable HDD. OR, check out the AvTech 4
    channel DVR, they run anywhere from $250-500 depending where you buy
    it, and if you get one with LAN or not.

    Then just buy a pinhole board camera, any manufacturer, BW if low light
    or if you need a wide angle lens, as those cheaper color pinhole
    cameras typically are 1/4" and not wide angle..

    For a huge line of hidden cameras, check this link.

    Personally I typically only use the GE hidden cameras and they have
    some high quality ones, but there are lots of choices on that site for
    other options.

  6. Guest

  7. Bill

    Bill Guest

  8. Silicon Sam

    Silicon Sam Guest

    I have a 960 hour capable VCR that I would sell cheap. Been taken
    off a job long ago. Been sitting in my office for a few years now.

  9. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    WHAT!? When you figure a cheap 24 VHS VRT records 20 frames per seond in 24
    hr mode I don't see why they wouldn't record at a couple frames per second
    for over a week. Also a few VRTs record at VRT rate for nearly 40 hrs on a

    This guys is on the cheap. I tend to ignore customers who are on the cheap,
    but a few really have a niche where it is appropriate.

    Bob La Londe

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  10. Guest

    The VDR is a VCR but it has a Hard Drive, same price as a Time Lapse

    A normal VCR wont cut it.
  11. Les George

    Les George Guest

    We use a device called a Memocam. It is a combined camera (with motion
    detection) a PIR recorder and digital recorder all in one.

    We have found them excellent for certain situations.

  12. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Hey Thanks Rory. That GE VDR seems quite reasonably priced at $298
    shipped. I am wondering if I can just stuff a standard 5.25" EIDE hard
    drive in it? The one with a pre-installed drive is way over priced if
    it's just a matter of installing a standard computer HDD.

    The smoke detector camera looks like a good choice. I noticed there
    are some choices to be made with regards to the camera though. Maybe
    you have some advice. The standard camera comes with a selection of
    2.5, 4, and 6 mm lenses, but then there are optional 8mm and 12mm
    lenses. I'm not sure what lens would work best. I am trying to cover
    just one corner of a small room (25'x25') and I don't have a need for a
    wide angle shot. I won't have control over the lighting, but it would
    usually be lit to a level where a person can get around without
    stumbling. The thief works during the daytime, and there are a couple
    windows in the room. So color or B/W? I'm not sure. My main goal here
    is to get a good identification image of this guy the first time

  13. Guest

    Just get the lens kit and you can change them if needed. 4 or 6 mm
    would probably do once you dont need the whole room. Also depends where
    you are mounting the camera and the distance from the camera to the
    view area, and width of the view area. (FOV)

    Color is nice, but if you are unsure of the lighting level then you
    would best with BW.

    The VDR can use regular IDE drives, the slower the better. Unformated
    also, dont do anything with them.
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