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TNC connector for PCB at 1.6GHz

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Mikko Syrjälahti, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. I'm looking for a way to add a TNC connector to our PCB. The PCB will have
    micro stripline or grounded coplanar waveguide circuit to which the signal
    has to connect. 50ohms as usual.

    Most PCB connectors seem to have two wires coming from the end of the connector
    and I strongly suspect their matching integrity.

    Does anyone know of suitable connector or matching characteristics of the forementioned
    type of TNC connectors ?
  2. Den

    Den Guest

    Maybe: TNC Right Angle PCB Mount Jack Receptacle - centre conductor + body
  3. Guest

    There are coaxial sockets designed to provide a minimally reflective
    transition from microstrip to coxial cable. IIRR TNC connectors are
    too big to match to normal thickness PCB's and you'd probably have to
    throw in some kind of inter-series connector to get the signal from a
    sub-minature coax connector to TNC.

    seems to have some SMCC connectors that might do what you want.

    might be another source.
  4. Thanks, I'll get a few for testing. In addition I found 31-5660 and 31-5607 from Amphenol.
    The AMP connectors seem to have threads for panel nut to reduce PCB strain.

    I thought connectors with pigtails and inter-series connector would've been
    much more expensive than direct connector. After checking a few on-line quote
    systems for pigtails it seems that this method is quite viable technically and
    economically. A big plus is also not getting stuck with single supply of exotic
    and expensive connectors!

    Thank you both!
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