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tmer relay help needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Jan 14, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    I have a project that needs a timer relay to run
    a device ON for a few seconds (30ish?) evey few minutes.

    i purchased this item Sheet/DA100T.pdf

    with a configured part number of DA1420A3
    was told it was 0-60 seconds ON and 0-60 minutes OFF w/repeat
    but the dial controls and the .pdf state it is the reverse of that and
    does not repeat says the guy at Danher Controls tech supp.

    before buying this unit i looked at some others I pasted my
    model/part# notes below (sorry its just a jumble) which some interval
    ranges are user configured by adding various values of resistor to a
    pair of config terminals. the Danher guy says I can't do that with
    this one or at least won't tell me how as they are configured at order
    time (probably by doing just that)

    rather than buying a new timer it seems there probably some simple way
    to get this to repeat cycle into continuous on/off operation and was
    hoping one of you gurus could show me how.


    AOT TGKD10100 A or B 2 MC1000301x
    Macromatic * TR-531 Repeat Cycle Time Delay Relays * TR-551
    Repeat Cycle Time Delay Relays
    Sensorproducts B8RN B8RF
    artisan 2610a 2600a-8-1 42

    SSAC TDR4A22 63 KRDR424A4 KRDR421A4 38 3-4weeks RS4A22
    61 DSTUA3 50 KRDR
  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    If it doesn't do what it was advertised as doing, then get your money
    back, and either make them provide one that meets spec, or find another

    Good Luck!
  3. Guest

    sorry i guess i should have stated that i bought is off EBAy a couple
    months back so i'm not ezpecting returns as an option and would like
    to develop a plan to use what i have if possible.
  4. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Then I guess it would do to figure out exactly what you _do_ have. Get
    that done, and compare that to what you want done, and then we can work
    from there. :)

    Good Luck!
  5. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    I looked at the data sheet and if the part number you give is correct then
    you can make it do what you want......

    The 14 => 6 to 60 sec OFF
    The 20 => 6.4 to 60 min ON
    The A3 => 120V 50/60Hz AC or 120V DC
    The blank at the end after the A3 => "standard, OFF time first, DPDT relay

    The thing to note is that the output relay is DPDT which means if you use
    the right contacts you _can_ invert the output so that it's it ON for
    Seconds first then OFF for Mins just as you wanted.

    If the blank was an 03 that would mean "one time" only so.... it appears you
    DO have a standard repeating model as well.

    Note the the minimium OFF time would be 6.4 Mins (eg 6 mins 24 Seconds).
  6. Guest

    thanks for your reply, it seems that the unit may be damaged then
    i can only get the 0-60 second nterval working, it then switches to
    the 0-60 minute "on" dial (with the red LED indicator and stays there
    indefinately. i believe its possibile i could have shorted the output
    while testing the lugs kept slipping off.


    if you look under feature description it states that only the
    "01" config is for coninuous operation and "00" and "03"
    require toggling of the "start" switch.

    since this is not a "01" model it does not repeat cycle on its own,

    I have connected
    L1 (white wire houshold power) to pins A,7, 9
    L2 (black) to pin B and opposing side of myload1.
    I have experimented with the output pins 1 or 4 or 3 or 6 to the
    remaing side myload2

    I get 2 results total from 4 outputs the smaller interval first and
    then the LED lights at the ON timer dial (the longer interval and
    STAYS permantly in that mode. (which has opened the possibilty
    that i may have burned the larger interval timer circuit since the
    2nd larger ON interval never completes.)

    what i find confusing is that outputs 1 or 4 are identical to outputs
    3 or 6 which are 2 different interval ranges.
    it appears that i have a dual interval timer only half of which seems
    to work which would be the smaller 0-60s "OFF" first interval (which
    can be flopped as u stated depending on NO or NC conection .
  7. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    No I think you missunderstand. It's NOT one timer operating each switch.
    There is only _one_ relay coil and that operates the two switches together.
    It like you have two switches linked together mechanically so both switch
    together. In this case with your wiring I would expect "outputs 1 or 4 are
    identical to outputs 3 or 6"

    In the table for calculating the part number at the end of the dats sheet it
    says under Features:

    (Blank) = Standard, OFF Time First, DPDT
    01 = ON Time First
    03 = One Cycle Only (OFF Time First)
    (Requires factory components)

    So my interpretation is still that blank after the A3 means it's repeating.
  8. Guest

    heres is more text not found in the pdf.

    temporary available at

  9. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    Ok that helps...

    Refer to the text below where it says ""00" Feature". It clearly says
    "Repeat Repeat Cycle Timing" as it also does for feature = 01.

    Only under 03 does it says "One Cycle Timing"

    I think I can see the problem... Try this....

    Close the control switch to start the timer running BUT _leave it closed_
    don't toggle it. Just wait. Does it repeat when the timers expire?

    It think it will repeat because it says "Close control switch to start
    timing cycle. Open control switch to reset". eg It doesn't say toggle switch
    to start. Leave it closed and see what happens.

  10. Guest

    yeah i tried both ways..second(lond) interval just stays
    on permenant. like 2nd dial LED stays on too.

    I even tried closing it after applying L1 to the oter points

    toggleing doesnt work at all timer does not function at all if no
    power to A and B
  11. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    The Contol switch is the same as the start switch? No other switch on the
  12. Guest

    no switch at all ...thats added by the user


    i took it apart. heres what it looks like.

    if i can find my meter i can test some stuff like resistors caps
  13. Guest

    I stated earlier that i connected the output to only ONE point 1 or 4
    or 3 or 6 but i wonder if the 2nd interval circuit requires a load
    also such that TWO output is (1 or 4) AND (3 or 6) , could this be why
    the long interval is not ending properly?

    the diagram shows both but what where would I connect the other OUT?
  14. Guest

    whats bugging me is that the configuration jumpers inside
    could have been tampered or were even prepared by some
    stoner at the factory or distributor level at purchase time.
    and Eagle Signal doens't and won't provide that setup
    chart such that i can check it.

    it would be quit simple to check the cuts in the 3 SEVERABLE JUMPER
    BLOCKS to be sure thats its not accidentally set for 0-60 hours
    instead of minutes.

    I asked..the guy wouldn't give.
  15. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Can you draw some kind of diagram of what you have in hand, and maybe
    quote some text from labels or anything like that? I can only speak for
    myself, but I'm not getting a clear picture of what we're trying to work
    with here.

  16. Guest

    On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 20:25:35 GMT, wrote:

    the whole thread can be found here
    if this link works hopefully.

    in a nutshell

    is this timer broken?

    am i not using it correctly?

    was it just configured wrong at order time?
    (since it is an internally custom configurable device.)

    and probably how can i use it with another timer relay device
    to get a recycling timer with different ON and OFF ranges
    since half of this one seems to be broken or not up to my
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