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TLV2543 dsp evaluation board?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Sam Kaan, Aug 29, 2003.

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  1. Sam Kaan

    Sam Kaan Guest

    Has anyone here ever used this dsp evaluation before? Could you
    please tell me if the chip (TMS370C712) that is on this board can be
    reprogrammed again (ala EPROM)? or is it just a OTP (one time
    program)? I am asking because I have been itching to buy this board
    of ebay as it is now considered almost obsolete in industry, but it is
    still usable if all you want is to learn how to program the TI DSP
    MPU. Seems to have a cool LED and light sensor and temp sensor too.
    But all that isn't much use if you can't program the board to you
    liking. My feeling is that to learn programming language be it
    assembly or whatever, you have to actually write some code and compile
    and run it to really profit from your learning. Just in case this
    chip (TMS370C712) isn't reprogramable on this board, is there a source
    where you can get some sample at a relatively good price? The board on
    the link below. Look forward to hearing your feedback.
  2. Looking at this boards reminds me of TI MSP430 I was reading about a little
    while ago.
    Have a look what these people have to offer:
    Choose the MSP430 tab on the left and take a look at the MSP starter kits...
    The most expensive kit - MSP430-449 seems pretty much same price (without
    shipping) as the board on ebay but it looks like you get a lot more - I
    looked up the MSP430F449
    449) - 16bit, 2k RAM/60k flash, h/w multiplier, free gcc toolchain on the
    net so no need to buy a C compiler which can be expensive for MCUs.
    By comparison the TMS370C712
    ( is 8bit 256b RAM/8k EPROM
    and from the website it seems like a normal mcu not a DSP like you say in
    the post.
    I have not tried either though and I never dealt with the people who sell
    these boards so I have no personal experience with them.
  3. Jim Meyer

    Jim Meyer Guest

    The board is supposed to allow you to evaluate the A/D chip which
    was advertised as being suitable for use with DSP chips.

    There is NO DSP on that evaluation board.

    The microcontroller that is there is a plastic cased version
    which is OTP, unfortunately.

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