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Tips Lubricating Camera Tripod Heads?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by KenO, Sep 7, 2012.

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  1. KenO

    KenO Guest

    Recently got a used MX350 Tripod. After using it for a while noticed significant sticking in certain areas,(especially when Pan vertically).

    Did a forum search but only got. "Results for tripod head lubrication in Search all groups Results: about 0 for tripod head lubrication No results found"

    Hope someone may have had a similar problem and solved it.

    Am interested in any tips taking apart a camera tripod head and lubricating it.


  2. I have no idea what a MX350 is, but try taking it apart and wiping the
    parts clean. I tend to avoid lubing up stuff like this unless it came that
    way. The junk and crud from rubbing parts is usually the problem.
  3. Jeff Layman

    Jeff Layman Guest

    Would graphite powder help? You can get it from locksmiths.
  4. KenO

    KenO Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    "try taking it apart and wiping the parts clean"

    Before posting, searched for a manual or least a parts list for the tripod head but found nothing.

    I was able to find the parts list for the basic Manfrotto tripod head

    Am sure the MX350 has much fewer parts.

    Since it is only the vertical pan portion that is sticking would only like to take that portion apart and clean.

    Did find general tripod cleaning info

    How to Take Apart a Bogen 3047 Tripod Head

    Unusual post "After you've figured out the simple disassembly process, goodluck trying to find the highly viscous and elastic lubricant they use...I'll give you ONE valuable hint. It's a field of interest that is highly dependent on ambient temperatures...."

    Hope there are some general tips on taking apart tripod heads.

    Thanks everyone for your help!

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