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Tips for using Microwave Office and/or IE2D for simulating EBG/FSS

Discussion in 'CAD' started by T Lavedas, May 10, 2007.

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  1. T Lavedas

    T Lavedas Guest

    I've a little research project that is quickly running out of money
    because I can't get a good model into MWO. I've too many years of EM
    experience, but am new to MWO and IE3D having acquired evaluation
    licenses for both, but am having trouble climbing the learning curve.
    I can get antenna structures to compute correctly, but every attempt
    at a model of a structure to characterize an EBG has failed. I'm
    starting with the simplest high impedance surfaces, like those in the
    1999 Sievenpiper, et al paper, but so far I'm stymied.

    I've tried putting a couple of tracks on either side of the structure
    and measuring the transmission (S21), but there is never any
    difference between the presence or absence of the EBG surface. I've
    tried orienting the tracks parallel and perpendicular, but never get
    any obvious changes whether the surface is present or absent. I've
    even tried scanning wide frequency ranges, in case the published EBG
    parameters are 'in error', but i can't seem to make anything work.

    Does anyone here have experience using either one of these tools for
    this purpose? What approach did you use to characterize the
    structures? Can anyone give me a some pointers?


    Tom Lavedas
  2. Joel Kolstad

    Joel Kolstad Guest


    That's a pretty advanced question you have there! I have no experience with
    EBG antennas, but I can give you a bit of general advice:

    -- The folks at AWR are generally quite helpful if you ask them for support.
    They'll probably also be happy to extend your evaluation license... especially
    if you're intending to write a paper and tell them you'll mention their name.
    -- I'd repost the question in a somewhat more "focused" form, such as those at, the Microwaves 101 forums, or even the
    Agilent-Genesys forums. Many people there use ADS/MWO/IE3D/Ansoft routinely,
    whereas there's only a small smattering of people here who do. (Most of the
    folks here are SPICE guys...)

    Good luck,
  3. T Lavedas

    T Lavedas Guest

    Thanks for the reply. I pursued the contact with AWR. They provided
    their beta version of 7.5 and a new 30 day evaluation license.

    I also did some more research and found an oblique description of a
    simulation setup different from the ones I had tried. It led me to
    something that seems to work, though not as well as I want (yet).

    Afain, thanks for the response. It was helpful.

    Tom Lavedas
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