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Tinkering with a sick LCD...

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by JM, Oct 22, 2005.

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  1. JM

    JM Guest

    I've been given an LG Flatron 566 15" LCD that is sick... originally it
    would turn on and display a good picture, but over time the image would
    start to wash out and turn blurry. Now when I turn it on it just goes
    mostly white with some horizontal and vertical lines.

    The problem seems to be with the later stage of the display circuitry
    because it will turn on, and behaves as expected when there is no signal
    (goes black after a few seconds and comes back on when the signal returns).
    I also managed to somehow enter a diagnostic mode from the front panel that
    caused it to cycle through various colours on the screen.

    There was one bad capacitor (bulged and leaking) in the power supply, which
    I replaced, so I'm wondering if I should just go and replace all the other
    electrolytic caps.. I took the main board out and put it in a ziploc bag in
    the freezer, and after about 20 minutes I reconnected it, and got something
    much more closely resembling a display of the signal from the PC. I was
    looking at a page of text and I could see stretched vertical patches where
    the letters were being displayed... the horizontal was more well defined
    than the vertical.
    Also, although I could see the screen change as I did things on the PC, the
    response time was extremely high.
    So I'm wondering if the temperature sensitivity maybe points toward bad

    I realize there's not a whole lot to service on these things, this one is
    just one main chip and some caps, so the likelyhood of repairing is slim,
    but I have nothing to lose, and enjoy trying to fix it, even if it is a
    wasted effort...
  2. Ryan Weihl

    Ryan Weihl Guest

    replace the caps with at least the same value, but if possible
    replace 25V caps with 50V caps etc.
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