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Timing circuit help needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Ivan Vegvary, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. Ivan Vegvary

    Ivan Vegvary Guest

    Installed car seat warmers into SWMBO's car. Key must be on for them to function. Would like to rewire in a way that I could preheat the seats priorto her use. 5 to 10 minutes would be sufficient. Ideally: Push remote control button from inside house (15 feet from car), seats circuit turns on for circa 5-10 minutes. If ignition is not started after 10 minutes, seatsturn off. If ignitions is started, seats remain energized.

    Resources: Remote control door fob, Arduino Uno, very small knowledge of digital electronics.

    Suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Ivan Vegvary
  2. P E Schoen

    P E Schoen Guest

    "Ivan Vegvary" wrote in message
    You could use a time delay relay with an interval function, such as:
    but it's about $66:

    If you can get the Arduino to respond to the remote door fob, it could
    easily turn on a relay for the time needed. You could use diode steering
    logic to allow the seats to be warmed either from the Arduino (which would
    be directly off the battery), or the ignition. You could also add a
    temperature sensor to control the heat, and a battery voltage sensor that
    would keep the heating turned off if battery voltage dropped below a safe

  3. Ivan Vegvary

    Ivan Vegvary Guest

  4. Ivan Vegvary

    Ivan Vegvary Guest

    Paul, thank you so much for your reply. It has given me ideas and direction. Thanks again.

    Ivan Vegvary
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