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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Tim, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Tim

    Tim Guest

    hellow im knew ,read and reread electronic books they fasinate me,but
    i m not getting it ,can some one tellm me how i can make a randon
    digital clock like you get at radio shack enough four 4 digits,so when
    you push start it will random at different times from 1 to up to 5
    sec.then light a 120 volt light bulb ,will come on,then when a target
    is hit,a sound pickup or some kind of sensor will stop the clock and
    probablly never or around .325of a second or less and then maybe hook
    it to another target and run it for 2 competitors,but if you can make
    one then it should be easy to hook to another,same principle as a drag
    race light from start to finish,only they must have a infered light ar
    the finish line where i want asound pick up to stop the clock,or what
    ever works thank guys maybe you could show me a diagram and tell me
    what parts i need,i whant this to be my first project,and understand
    more about this thanks ts.
  2. <snippety>

    I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but...

    Please, PLEASE get some good courses in basic writing under your
    belt before you even consider going any farther in electronics! Your
    post was so hard to read, due to the lack of punctuation, bad spelling,
    and horrible sentence structure (or lack thereof) that I had to stop
    barely five lines into it.

    Now, as to your original question (assuming I understood it
    correctly): If you are unable to understand the basics behind circuits
    such as you describe, then the answers to the questions you're asking
    will only confuse you more. Even step-by-step instructions would be

    I would strongly recommend that you make a fresh start by seeing if
    your local community college or vocational college has any courses
    available on basic electronics. I can assure you, from bitter
    experience, that it is impossible to learn everything you'll need to
    pursue such a hobby from books alone. You need to be in an environment
    where you can ask questions, and do hands-on experiments.

    Failing that (and I will grant that it is hard to find any
    community college that teaches electronics these days), you may want to
    get involved with whatever amateur (ham) radio club is local to your
    area, with an eye towards taking a course to get your amateur radio
    license. This will give you at least basic electronics theory, and
    provide a foundation on which you can grow your interest.

    You can search for radio clubs at

    Happy hunting.
  3. Yeah, and I thought my grammar and spelling was bad ;/
  4. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    Painful reading for free design consultation??
    That's the other SED (Sadistic Electronics Design)
    D from BC
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