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Timer to generate Vpulse

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Tamim, Dec 16, 2003.

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  1. Tamim

    Tamim Guest

    Iam want a timer with which i can generate vpulses. I know i can use
    555 timer with two resistors and a capacitor but i dont think with
    that i can control the delay time. Does anyone know how construct a
    circuit so that not only i can adjust the period,hightime and low time
    but also adjust the time at which my pulse would actualy start. i mean
    the intial start time. Its important becuase in my project i have to
    generate three vpulses each 120 degrees out of phase from the other.
    If anyone has got any advice then PLEASE let me know ASAP.Thank u very
    much in advance.
    Best regards,
  2. mike

    mike Guest

    You can use 555s to delay different amounts to trigger other 555s.
    But more importantly, what are you really trying to do.

    Assume three separate pulse outputs?
    Term "phase" implies frequency independence, which is a completely
    different problem.

    If you have control over the source, run it at 6X frequency and
    digitally divide it to get the phase triggers. If you don't control
    the source, that's a different problem.


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  3. Tamim

    Tamim Guest

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for ur reply. Well u r right i didnt explain my problem
    properly. Well the actual vpulses will be generated using square wave
    excitation by using power mosfets and etc. I need these timers for my
    gate drive circuits because i am using six power mosfets and i want
    each one to open and close at my chosen times. as long as they do this
    im happy!:)
    Ur advice about using 555s to trigger different 555s is wat i had at
    the back of my mind but as i have never used a timer in my life i was
    not sure if i can do that. Now that u have told me i'll try it in
    pspice to see wat happens. Thanx alot for ur advice.
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