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time delay switch

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Lacustral, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. Lacustral

    Lacustral Guest

    I'm looking for a delay switch for a bathroom fan and I haven't found any
    that have exactly what I want -
    - adjustable time interval from a few minutes to, say, 1/2 hour. I'd
    rather not get one that just has a few choices for time interval. You can
    get one that gives you 5,10,15, 30 or on-until-switched-off choices, but
    I'd like to have it completely adjustable.
    - time delay interval controllable on the outside of the faceplate
    - doesn't make noise. Spring timers all click as I've heard, so not a
    spring timr.

    What the delay switch does, is you can leave the fan on after you leave
    the bathroom, for an adjustable time.

    The closest thing I've found is this:

    It has a delay of up to an hour. I don't know why anybody would want to
    keep the fan on in the bathroom for an entire hour after leaving, but I
    guess it's conceivable. So I'd live with that.

    But it's designed so the time delay adjustment is hidden behind
    the faceplate, and changed with a screwdriver. I want to have the delay
    adjustment on top of the faceplate. So there would be a sort of
    screwdriver blade attached to a knob, anchored to the faceplate somehow.

    Any ideas about how to do this, so it would work reliably?

    Alternatively, I'm sure it's possible to get a circuit that will do the
    delay function. If the guts of it could be covered over so it looks nice
    - I could buy a wood faceplate and cut circular holes in it for the
    knobs - that would
    also do. It would have to fit in a gang box, or whatever they call the
    metal box that switches are enclosed in.

  2. Smitty Two

    Smitty Two Guest

    Omron makes some nice stuff. Here's a pic of a timer I use in the shop.
    It's shown set for 0 to 3 seconds, selectable by the large dial. But the
    range can be set as 0 to 1.2, 0 to 3, 0 to 12, or 0 to 30. And the units
    can be seconds, minutes, hours, or 10 hours. So altogether, it's a timer
    that can be set up for 0 to 1.2 seconds, all the way up to 0 to 300
    hours. All of that is front panel selectable. There are also several
    different logic modes, e.g., how it's triggered and what type of input
    causes it to latch, when the timer starts, etc.
  3. Farticus

    Farticus Guest

    .... perhaps a VERY big smell?
  4. ctyguy

    ctyguy Guest

    Bathroom fan should be continuous, like the fan on a CPU. NBD

    Since the time man has done his business in the space where he lives, the
    stench will not leave w/o 24/7 exhaust.
  5. Dave M

    Dave M Guest

    Perhaps one of these timers might suit your purpose. Might take a bit of
    mechanical work to install but shouldn't be too hard.


    Dave M

    Never take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time!!
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