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Time Delay Relay

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Chris W, Mar 1, 2005.

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  1. Chris W

    Chris W Guest

    A year or so ago someone on one of these groups told me how a time delay
    relay was the perfect solution to my problem. Well it was the perfect
    solution till the used relay I got, stopped working yesterday. Well I
    found one one ebay that looks even better than the one I had but I'm not
    sure it will work the way I have the old one set up. The new one is a
    CNT-35-76 and you can view the data sheet here . . .

    The old one has the same layout except for pins 5,6 & 7. 5 & 6 are not
    used. To activate the Relay they want you to short pins 10 & 7
    together. The new one has you short pins 5 & 6 together. It also says
    I need to use a "dry circuit switch". BTW I am using it in delay on off
    mode. The switch I am currently using is a DPDT (on) off (on) 15A
    switch Switch it one way and a contractor activates to turn on an AC
    motor and spin a hydraulic pump. Switch it the other way, the same
    motor comes on, and it activates the time delay relay. Since the cable
    going to the switch is a 3 wire cable, the motor and relay share a
    common wire. Namely the neutral AC line. So in order to hook up the
    new relay to the same switch setup it will in effect hook pin 5 to pin
    10 on the new relay. Pin 10 will be the neutral AC line. I get the
    feeling that it won't work right with this setup and I am going to have
    to change something other than setting up my existing switch to pin 5 &
    6 instead of 7 & 10.

    I'm working on a wiring diagram to look at if this isn't enough
    information. Thanks for the help.

    Chris W

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  2. Chris W

    Chris W Guest

    I forgot....for those who are wondering what all this is for. The time
    delay relay activates a solenoid valve, the time delay is to keep the
    solenoid valve open till the motor stops spinning. Otherwise the
    hydraulic cylinder will suddenly jerk back the other way when the switch
    is released.

    Chris W

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  3. Chris W

    Chris W Guest

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