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TI Inside

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by TI Inside, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. TI Inside

    TI Inside Guest

    There is a story circulating that the semiconductor chips
    made by Texas Instruments contain so many toxic chemicals
    and are out-gassing fumes that they can be used to
    exterminate bugs simply by tossing several TI chips in
    back of the refrigerator, back of under-sink cabinets,
    etc. The term "TI Inside" has come to be a warning label
    meaning 'Toxic Instruments Inside'.
  2. TI Inside

    TI Inside Guest

    The DLP (Digital Light Processing) chips from Texas Instruments used in
    projectors and televisions have a glass window, a 'getter', and a special
    atmosphere containing 17 different gases for lubricating the aluminum
    mirrors. These are very large packages. The gases leak from the package.
    HD1, HD2, HD3, 0.7xXGA, 0.9SVGA, etc.

    "All DLP projectors run hot, and I suspect this heat produced an unusual
    amount of outgassing from the Sharp's internal components."

    "This outgassing causes contamination on the color wheel."

    The bugs behind your refrigerator are like the mine canaries of years ago.
    When the bugs die, it's time to get the TI chips out of the house.

    The TI Inside (Toxic Instruments Inside) warning label should be printed on
    everything using TI's DLP chips, e.g. , your DLP projector, your DLP TV,

    Still think this is an Urban Legend?

    LCD Rules !!! Plasma Rules !!! DLP Outgases !!!

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