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Three Way Switch challenge

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by GoosePimp, Dec 10, 2003.

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  1. GoosePimp

    GoosePimp Guest

    I have a house that an electrician started then doing the
    final switches & fixtures. Have a threee way switch and have found diagrams
    for the hookup if the power is at one switch and the load is at another but
    cant find one for the power and load in the same box...Any help would be


    Portland, OR
  2. Andy Smith

    Andy Smith Guest

    Nothing to do with the original matter, but i am interested in the
    differences between the trade slang used in the US and UK. In my country,
    the intermediate wires are termed 'strappers' there are lots of instances
    of these differences
  3. Brian

    Brian Guest

    Don't be stupid. Call another electrician!
  4. Guest

    | +---black--power
    | |
    +---0 0----B------+ +----B------------0 0---+
    | +-0 0-+ |
    | | | |
    | +--------R---------+---------R----------------+ |
    | |

    The center junction box "hosts" the light, and has
    power coming in on a 2 wire cable. A three wire cable
    exits that box to the switch on the left, and another
    three wire cable exits that box to the switch on the
    right. The common terminal of one switch is wired to
    the black wire of the light; the common terminal of
    the other switch is wired to the black power feed
    wire. The white power feed wire is connected to the
    white light wire. The remaining 4 wires - 2 wires
    from each switch - are connected by color - red to
    red and white to white. Both of those whites should
    be taped with black or red tape to re-identify them
    as hot.
  5. s

    s Guest

    a two way switch is a two way cant name a swith after the number
    of tewrminals it has.i take it you american sparks call a two way switch a
    three way?when it allows power from the common terminal to flow one of TWO
    WAYS around the strappers?an intermediate is just that,it acts on the
    strappers alone,it doe'snt swicth current from one point to allow it along
    one of FOUR WAYS does it,thats why we call it an intermediate.Perhaps the
    american terminology is crap?But of course,being the largest superpower in
    the world i suppose we should all adopt your incorrect terminology?Why are
    americans so bloody righteous and arrogant?
  6. Beachcomber

    Beachcomber Guest

    The gentlemen was, I believe, using irony in this instance....

    Americans realize that their terminology for "three-way" and
    "four-way" switches for the previously mentioned circuit is a bunch of
  7. Perion

    Perion Guest

    LOL!!!! I've always been puzzled about those terms. How about "three-way" ->
    three screws, "four-way" -> 4 screws??? I know - coming from or going to 3 (or
    4) directions. Uhhh... guess that's the same as how many screws. It's a weird
    one, fer sure.

  8. s

    s Guest

    well your'e certainly right there beachcomber,after all are'nt they the last
    civilised country in the world to still allow twist-its?(thats wire-nuts to
    our american friends) :)
  9. sQuick

    sQuick Guest

    S, you are a top posting retard with no sense of irony, sarcasm or comedy
    and should be put down like a lame dog.

    sQuick [UK]
  10. s

    s Guest

    is that right?tosser.....
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