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Three speed fan

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ted Edwards, Jun 6, 2005.

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  1. Ted Edwards

    Ted Edwards Guest

    I'm guessing: Do these work by having a two pole and four pole
    arrangement? Switch in thw two pole and get 3600- rpm, switch to four
    pole and get 1800- rpm, switch in both for six poles and get 1200- rpm.
    The geometry migh be somewhat screwed up in 4- and 6- pole
    configuration but those are working at pretty low power.

    I ask because my neighbour has one of these that only works on high
    speed. I suspect the switch but before we commit surgery on it, I'd
    like to understand how the thing is suposed to work. TIA

  2. Tam/WB2TT

    Tam/WB2TT Guest

    If this is a small fan, it is a lot cruder than that. The one on my range
    hood is continuously variable by means of a potentiometer. I know of
    somebody who has a ceiling fan hooked up to a circuit with a light dimmer.
    The light dimmer will vary the speed. Yes, I told them they shouldn't do

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