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Three 12 volt transofrmers in series instead of one 38V?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Suraj Joneja, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. Suraj Joneja

    Suraj Joneja Guest

    Hi All,
    I have an audio power amp kit which requires me to connect an AC-AC 38 volt
    5 Amp Transformer.
    I am having trouble finding this (38 V) transformer. My question is if it is
    OK to connect the outputs of Three 12V 5 Amp Transformer in Series? further:
    1) Is it recommeded?
    2) Is it suitable for Audio power amp application? (My amp is MOSFET based)
    3) Will there be substantial (if any) loss in efficiency in this 3
    configuration over a single 38 V one?
    4) Can somebody suggest alternate (AC or DC) sources of comparable Amperage
    which I might use (such as SMPS or Laptop chargers etc.)

    Many Thanks!
  2. It is okay, no problems. It will work as one transformer.
    It is not recommended, for weight and cost reasons, but electrically it
    is no problem.
    Yes, as well suited as one transformer is.
    I don't think so. The losses, which convert to heat, will be
    approximately the same. It will be easier to keep the tranformer(s) cool
    though, when you use 3 instead of one, that is an advantage.
  3. Sure, if you have the 3 parts already.
    Just be sure the sense of the windings it right,
    otherwise you may get only 12V.
    The load typically requires power in a certain
    voltage range and current range. Where it
    comes from is immaterial.
    There will be some loss of efficiency in the broad
    sense of the word, referring to efficient use of
    materials and other resources. But there is no
    reason that, with sufficiently efficient transformers,
    the net electrical efficiency cannot be the same as
    for the individual transformers.
    An SMPS could be a good solution. I doubt
    laptop chargers will do 190W. As for specific
    sources or parts, some web research (on your
    part) should turn up something.
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