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Those no-name 2 for ten bucks "shake lights"

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Don Bruder, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. Don Bruder

    Don Bruder Guest

    Picked up a pair of those two for 5 bucks shake lights Walgreen's is
    pushing this Xmas.

    Complete box copy from mine (typos and "Engrish" *ALL* the box's fault!
    - I ain't makin' this stuff up, folks - I don't need to - it's printed
    right there in black and white two feet in front of my face!!! :) )

    The Front:
    The New Procuct
    Come Into The Market

    Torch For 21st Century
    Rotate the box vertically 1/4 turn to find:

    1 Only shake it to forward and backward while also use. So as to Make it
    Generating to light up for brightness.
    2. its switch system is based on advance magnetic induction
    technologies. So it's long in service life and reliable in performance.
    (I guess the second sentence of #2 isn't *TOO* bad...)
    1. a tocrh is used for emergency lighting purpose. However, the
    traditional battery-supplied torch may cause you a big distress because
    battery will becoming ineffective and producing poliution if torch is
    leaving idle for long time. The chargable torch is has problem power
    leakage; or it will help you remembering to charge only at time of
    needingfulness. This innovative torch is to the breakthrough in solution
    to wastage and inconvenient.
    2. Being self-supplying, it will serve you long and well.

    1 Never keeping it closely with the household appliances needing
    magnetism from to be shielded.
    2. We will not taking the any responsibility for losings and harmful
    causes or any injuriousness by improper use from the result.

    Next two sides repeat the same things.

    The "Engrish" was almost worth the price of the darn things all by
    itself :)

    On the "It's five bucks, and I've got another one... Who cares if I
    screw it up?" theory, I unscrewed the end to find that the innards are
    encased in a second clearer plastic tube - a 5/8" long by 9/16" diameter
    cylindrical magnet (*QUITE* impressively potent - I'd rate it pretty
    close to the supermagnets you'd find in hard drives in the "pull a
    screwdriver off it" test) inside a 1 inch long by about 11/16" coil that
    appears to be "flat-wound" with what looks like 4-5 layers of
    close-spaced #30 or so wire - hair-fine - I'm talking one of *MY* hairs
    fine, and that's *REALLY* fine, a small circuit board with 4 1N400x type
    diodes, but in the one I've opened, they're all turned so that I can't
    see the last digit - Not that it matters much for the application) a
    quarter-watt sized carbon-film resistor (Brown Gray Black Gold, 5 volt
    ..0047F electorlytic capacitor, white LED, plus two 2032 lithium coin
    cells and a simple "move the slider to mash this springy bit of brass
    against this other not-so-springy bit of brass" switch.

    Havent' yet gotten around to fully deciphering the circuit board, but it
    looks pretty simple - Diodes make a full wave bride, charging the cap
    and batteries (2032s are rechargable???), switch connects LED through
    resistor to cap/batteries, light comes out the end.

    One of the *VERY* first things that's going to have to happen to make
    this thing more than just a cutesy toy is spray-painting the body
    black... With it clear, the backscatter from the bottom of the LED is
    blinding. As long as it's kept "wrapped up", it actually puts out a
    decent amount of light, but I'm already plotting and planning the "how"
    of perhaps ripping the power section out of it and installing it in one
    of the little yellow 6-LED "Streamlight" units I've got laying around -
    Have to see just exactly what kind up "oomph" it can put out...

    Anybody hacked one of these things in an interesting fashion yet?
  2. Guest

    funny how the chinese produce such inferior products....they mangle
    english almost as badly as negros....yet they are gonna economically
    gut the USA
  3. Now you gone and done it I am gong to Walgren thes aftermoon! Might be
    fun to hack and screw around with, I am thinking about converting to to
    one of the 2MillionTrillionGaBillion candle power handheld lights!.....
  4. Noah Little

    Noah Little Guest

    Now that's just unfair. I doubt that you can come up with any
    documented instances of Chinese mangling Negros, either well or badly.
  5. Don Bruder

    Don Bruder Guest

    Oh great... sci.electronics.* has now become the place to post a serious
    question if you want to stir up a few racists and lamers spouting
    stupidity and thinking it's comedy. I was under the impression that
    those kind of kiddy-games were relegated to the alt.* hierarchy. My

    <sigh> Ask a serious question, stir a handful of imbeciles out of the
    woodwork... I'm afraid to think about what would happen if I were to
    post a fart joke - Some wag would post back with details of how to build
    an aperational fusion reactor?

    I'll make an effort in the future to recall that these groups are now
    officially intended for fart jokes and similar-level stupidity passing
    as humor. Ha-ha - Get it? fart joke? passing? Gawd, I'm so clever...

    My apologies for actually asking a serious question. Forgive me for
    interrupting - Now back to your regularly scheduled "funny" posts.
  6. Oh, get over yourself, Don. Your "serious question" was one line at the
    end of a post that opened up by belittling the fractured English on a
    package and segued to probing the technical depths of a garden-variety
    linear generator and LED light.

    How's your Mandarin or Cantonese, BTW?
  7. I wrote pretty much the same stuff in the "Shakelight reviews?" thread.
    Some of us are more easily amused than others; that said, I found it
    pretty funny too. OTOH I worry that the Chinese are tracking our
    educashun system's progress, and are labeling their products to suit our
    lowest common denominator. Either that or it's _supposed_ to be funny...
    Mine had 5.5V .2F caps. Different production runs/use what's on the
    shelf? Also, I had to re-bend one of the springy bits in one of the pair
    to get the thing to work. And concur on the magnets; do _not_ get your
    fingers between them unles you want to show your grandkids what a blood
    blister looks like. ;>)
    Dunno if 2032s are rechargeable, but no explosions yet. Eventually I
    took them out to use in watches; ten minutes of light for a minute's
    shaking isn't too shabby.
    I'd say "extremely distracting", but yeah. I used some self-sticky
    plumbing insulation foam on mine.
    Kewl, but beware you don't kill the yellow LEDs with the extra
    voltage. Let us know.
    Best I've done so far is take the lens out (better light spread) and
    bungee one loosely to my bike handlebars; shake as you go!

    I s'pose one could remove the LED and install a small radio circuit,
    with the speaker at the business end? Hey, there's a "third world" product!

    Mark L. Fergerson
  8. Don Bruder

    Don Bruder Guest

    Guess that's one I either just plain missed, or ignored because it was
    of zero interst at the time.
    Dunno, but it teeters on the edge between "funny" and "pathetic". One
    thing for sure: I can understand why there is *ABSOLUTELY NO TRACE* of a
    "Who made this" statement on the box - They've *GOT* to be embarrassed
    about it. "Made in China" is the closest thing to a maker's mark to be
    found anywhere on either the packaging of the light itself.
    Yep - The one I opened up needed the springy bit bent, and I'm also
    thinking I'm going to have to take a soldering iron to it - It acts like
    the soldered end has a cold joint - Mashing the end into contact with
    its opposite number doesn't always make it work, but "playing with" the
    soldered end while mashing the free end almost always convinces it that
    the switch is closed. Remelting the solder will likely turn the trick.
    Izzat one of those "DAMHIKT" things? :)
    And even if the rest of the unit is complete garbage, "two for five
    bucks" for lithium 2032s isn't exactly "astronomical" pricing -
    Especially not when even Wally-world is wanting 4+ bucks a pop for them,
    and some online places are saying they'll let you have one for $5.50
    plus shipping.
    I'm considering black electrical tape, but I'll probably go with my
    "first-instinct" - "spray-paint the entire inside of the outer shell
    with black Krylon."
    Nah, not yellow LEDs - The case of the Streamlight unit is "Day-Glo
    yellow". It has 6 white LEDs mounted in the "business end", runs off of
    4 AA batteries, and has to be one of the nicest LED-based lights I've
    encountered so far. Now that I've figured out that 2032s are 3 volts
    each (I thought they were the usual 1.5 - Guess that's what thinking
    does for me) it seems reasonable that the power section of this "shake
    light" thing should be able to power the Streamlight "head" without any
    major trouble - If I can figure out a way to "mash the two together"
    that's reasonably easy to do without completely destroying the
    "handiness" of the package.
  9. I wanna hear more about the full wave "bride". Sounds like a hell of a deal
    to me.

    O'course, the current wife ain't gonna be all that pleased with the deal.


  10. Don Bruder

    Don Bruder Guest

    Put 'er in a "g"-string, and you'll have what I meant :)
    Tell 'er to take a number :)
  11. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  12. Reminds me of the story of the guy and his wife that were doing it doggy

    he was sitting up begging and she was rolling over playing dead.


  13. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Maybe someone will use the innards to power a miniature electronic oven.

    You know...

    --- Joe
  14. Zak

    Zak Guest

    Batteries are a 'what the buyer can bear' market. Not a matter of cost,
    but how much it is worth it to you to get your PDA of camera working again.

    I'v recently seen prices of 1 euro for a card of 5 2032 and 1 euro for a
    card of 20 alkaline buttons in various sized, in 'dollar stores'.

    As far as rechargables go, i'm less wary of special rechargable li
    battery packs for say a digital camera after finding Lots of Li-ion packs for less than 10 euro.
    Makes you wonder about margins... though I never ordered from these guys.

  15. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Wait a minute! ;-) 5/8" long, and 9/16" diam? Isn't that kind of a
    squatty-looking cylinder? How does it not jam in its sleeve (or whatever
    you call the part it slides back and forth inside of)?

    I'd think it would have a tendency to get canted, and bind, stick, or
    jam, like an uncooperative desk drawer. That apparently didn't happen.
    Anybody got any idea how?

  16. Okay, we've all already read about the shake lights. So I'm gonna
    go off here:

    D'ya think some of us have had more (or less) practice than others at the
    particular hand motion that (presumably) recharges these things? ;-p
  17. But but but, I thought you said, "Full" wave. ;-P
    "For a house-to-house salesman named Moore,
    Getting housewives' attention's no chore:
    He's endowed with a dong
    That is 12 inches long,
    So he wedges his foot in the door."
  18. Daddy, turn her over! I'd rather have a puppy!
    "There was a young lady from Bangor
    Who slept while the ship lay at anchor
    She woke in dismay
    When she heard the mate say:
    "Let's hoist up the topsheet and spanker!""
  19. Don Bruder

    Don Bruder Guest

    Ack! Measurements listed bass-ackwards! It's a tad longer than its
    diameter, so make that 9/16" long by 5/8" diameter.

    And me giggling at the Engrish on the box... <sigh>
  20. Don Bruder

    Don Bruder Guest

    Oh, lord... That was *SO* wrong...

    But I can't stop laughing at it! :)
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