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Thomson TV Warranty details wanted !

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by lee, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. lee

    lee Guest

    I purchased a Thomson RP tv 133cm a few weeks back which was demo model
    I didnt get copy of the warranty as it wasnt with the manual for it and
    would love a copy if some one has it.
    If you have one please email or fax it to me on 08 8277 8234
    i would really appreciate it
    Im having problem at the moment with unit that it shuts screen but volume is
    on still and i can change channels.
    to get picture back i turn off on remote and back on again and picture comes
    happens 2 to 3 times a night
    Besides problem i love the picture on the unit and just want it fixed but
    repair agent are bitching whos paying for the courier cost of unit to their
    premises which is a 15 min drive from my house
    TV was delivered damaged from 1st day
    Also thomson offerd me my money back but i just want it fixed
    any help would be appreciated
    thanks Lee
  2. Smee

    Smee Guest

    go back to place of purchase and get the warranty papers.
    If they offered you a replacement set TAKE IT.
  3. Lord-Data

    Lord-Data Guest

    If its ex-display they probably wont be able to get a replacement, itd most
    likely be end of line/deleted line .. hence the offer of repair or refund
    only ..

    You could see about getting upgraded to the new model that may have replaced
    it, or at least, getting a refund and then paying the extra for a new model
    perhaps ..

    Your waruntee papers wont help get you a replacement .. Most a refund
    equates to the same as a replacement in the advent of not being able to get
    a replacement ..

    If you take the unit to the RETAILER you purchased it from, they will be the
    ones to foot the frieght charges, if your happy enough to have it repaired.
  4. John

    John Guest

    You have got your receipt for your purchase, that is the proof of your
    and you warranty start from the purchase day. You should contact the shop
    you purchase it from and ask them to organized the repair.
  5. lee

    lee Guest

    I want a copy of the warranty to read the fine print see
    what it covers exactly
    that is only reason as i have my reciept etc
    Apparently its still current model according to service agent
    Harvey norman cant help me with copy and trying to get thomson is
    The service agent is negotiating with manager from thomson who is on
    holidays over who is paying the freight to agent.
    It was delivered faulty from first day
    Harvey norman have nothing to do with the service and cant help me with it.
    If all else fails i will get money back.
    By the way i had a Teac tv for 2.5 yrs which i just got full refund for
    after it shit itself a 4th time
    That money went to this TV.
    So bascially ive had the teac rent free for 2.5 yrs
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