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Thomson ICC17

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Seafarer, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Seafarer

    Seafarer Guest

    After I retired I rid myself of all gear and notes now my own TV is
    tripping.It trips off then straight back on again.Sometimes it trips
    off with the sequence flasing 7 then 2 flashes.As expected I've lost
    the code for these sequences.
    I will go into the service mode shortly and I'm not looking forward to
    it as it is a dual switch mode power supply,one for s/by.
    Before I do anyone know the code flashes instructions?
    I do have the service sheet for this but not the manual and the fault
    flashes are not listed. Thanks

    "Too soon we get Old,Too late we get Smart".
  2. Seafarer

    Seafarer Guest

    No replies but no matter,I've downloaded the full specs from Google
    including service sheet with waveforms[my own service sheet did not
    have these] it's a lot easier when the wave forms and chip voltages
    are included.

    "Too soon we get Old,Too late we get Smart".
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