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this is what I get from my amp. ear.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Johan Wagener, Aug 11, 2004.

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  1. All connections double checked. All transistors checked and the all
    have 0.8V on BE. Except for transistor 2 which has 1V over its BE?

    Mic is a brand new miniature electret microphone which runs on 1V-10V
    with 2Vnom

    I don't even pick up the mains hum when I touch the input. I do
    however get a small amplification of the microphone and when I connect
    a 3V supply to the circuit I can hear sounds picked up by the mic, but
    it is very faint.

    Should I perhaps try using a LM741 as a preamp for the mic and then
    send this signal into the Amplified Ear?

    BTW, the circuit can be found at

    Please send your suggestions
  2. Graham Knott

    Graham Knott Guest

    Measure emitter, base and collector voltages with respect to the negative
    supply for all transistors and post them here (unless you've already done
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