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thermostat setting

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    My thermostat runs my furnace about once every hour when it is 20
    degrees and I am thinking about adjusting the swing on the thermostat
    to a lower number so that the system keeps a more consistent temp. Is
    this going to cost me more in gas. The swing will allow the system
    (set at 62 for heat) to come on at 61 and run it up to 63. So the
    swing is 3 degrees. I figure I might go to 2 or one to cycle the
    system more and be more consistent temp. Any thoughts?
  2. Guest

    correction, the current swing is 0
  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Give it a try and see what happens. It sounds like your furnace is oversized
    though, ideally on the coldest days you ever see, it should run nearly
    constantly to maintain the desired temperature, though 61F is much colder
    than usual, I would size it to maintain 70 so you have a bit of margin.
  4. ransley

    ransley Guest

    It might take 5 minutes for the furnace to get to full efficency,
    running once per hour is not much 61f and a 3f swing for me is
    uncomfortable, 10 minute running cycles are short but I dought you
    will notice a difference narrowing the cycle
  5. Guest

    the cycle runs about 12 mins. and yes the furnace is too large by
    about 30,000 btu. Not installed when I was living here. Wil there be
    a diff in usage of gas though. I can go to lower setting on this
    thermostat, even though there is 0 swing right now. When I checked it
    said 0 swing at 63. Went to -1 and it dropped to 62. So I assume
    that will keep it right on the mark of 62? Obviously dont want to go
    lower than the set temp though.
  6. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    I like even heat and cooling. I have an up to date
    thermostat that can be set to 0.2 of a degree. The
    heat comes on often that way but I waste not one BTU of
    heat because I run the fan 24/7. Having it set that
    way with auto fan will waste some heat because the
    plenum has to pre-heat before the blower comes on. Not
    a lot of waste but some.
  7. ransley

    ransley Guest

    What I did was actualy cut gas to the furnace to lower btu input, I
    just turned down on the supply valve as it was running so I could see
    the flame and had a thermometer inserted just above the heat
    exchanger, I just cut it maybe 10-15f it evened heat and lowered
    output. If you have a dual stage setup be sure its running on low
  8. hr(bob)

    hr(bob) Guest

    I measured the diameter of the gas nozzle in my furnace, it agreed
    with the BTU rating, then I filled in the nozzle and redrilled it out
    at a smaller diameter - about 80% of the original gas flow. So now I
    have a smaller flame and the furnace runs longer, but the gas
    consumption is definitely down based on BTU's burned per degree days.
    I also run my furnace blower continually when the temps are below
    about 20F to keep the various parts of my 4-level split-level home
    more evenly heated. I do pay some in electricity for comfort, but
    that's what we have furnaces and electricity for (to dangle a
  9. CJT

    CJT Guest

    Running the fan 24/7 costs money, too.
  10. CJT

    CJT Guest

    It must be torture for you to leave the house. What are you, the
    princess who could feel the pea through 20 mattresses?

    10 minute running cycles are short but I dought you
  11. CJT

    CJT Guest

    I hope you checked the flue temperatures before and after, and have
    a good CO monitor.
  12. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Most electricians say the difference in the starting
    windings usage and running 24/7 about balance out so
    why not be comfy.
  13. Ralph Mowery

    Ralph Mowery Guest

    What you need is the newer varitable speed fans. They come on when the heat
    comes on and run at a slow speed. As you heat up, the fan speeds up.
  14. CJT

    CJT Guest

    I doubt "most electricians" say that, and if they do, they're wrong.
  15. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Whatever. Certainly not worth arguing over [g]
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