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Thermal Print Heads...

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Mateo, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Mateo

    Mateo Guest

    Does anyone happen to have information as to how thermal print heads
    work? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    tiny dots which get hot when current is pumped through them are
    dragged across paper which changes color when it's heated up.
  3. Mateo

    Mateo Guest

    Thanks for replying John! I understand the high-level concept of how a
    print head works. I was wondering if anyone happens to have
    information on the technical aspects of one (it doesn't matter which
    brand right now). Some technical information that would be nice would
    be pin configuration, standard procedures, electrical properties,
    etc... Thanks very much in advance!



    P.S. - Also, just a note, does it matter what the medium is to be
    printed on if I am using transfer ribbon? I would like to create a
    device that would print onto materials other than paper in the future
    using thermal transfer printing. Thanks again!
  4. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

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