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The world's best 12V. light bulb?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Vaughn, Aug 26, 2013.

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  1. Vaughn

    Vaughn Guest

    We have a 12 volt PV system in our house that operates our yard lights
    plus a few lamps and outlets inside. We have been using 12-watt (40
    watt incandescent equiv) CFL's, with pretty good results. I recently
    splurged on a 12-volt LED lamp just as a test.

    There is one lamp that hangs between our easy chairs that we use for
    reading every evening. We have always ran two of those 12-watt CFL's
    with a Wye adapter. So when our new LED lamp arrived, I replaced one of
    those CFL's, planning to run a long-term side-by-side test.

    You could feel the difference in efficiency by simply feeling the lamps!
    The CFL was distinctly warm while the LED was only slightly above
    ambient temperature. The comparison test was quickly abandoned because
    the combination of the LED and the CFL was too bright! So now we have
    one LED bulb that is producing definitely more light than the two CFL's
    together. (Yes, our CFL's may have been a bit tired)

    This is the light bulb we bought:E27-NW12W-G-12V We selected the
    Natural White color temperature, but it's a bit on the harsh side. Next
    time we will try the warm white.,-12w,-12-volt-dc/1568/

    Does anyone else have any similar recommendations? Anything out there

    (We have no connection to that particular company save having made that
    one order from them)

  2. j

    j Guest

    I think you are ahead of the game. There isn't a lot of call for 12V
    edison base bulbs, although I have a small and very old trailer that
    uses them.

    Home Despot has been promoting these:

    Those are 120v, slightly more efficient and half the price, but by the
    time you add inverter losses, I think your solution is cleaner and better.

    It took about a dozen years for CFLs to go from crappy and expensive to
    being ubiquitous. The helixes first came out in '95. The first good
    "60W" Edison base LED dates to 2009. We are on the way, but I think
    another half dozen years or so before LEDS are where CFLs are now. $4 is
    the magic number.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. v8z

    v8z Guest

    I'm using some Sunmia bulbs in a testbed 12vdc only new garage. Their 3w
    att LED is extremely bright and not a bad color. I'm lighting the storage
    attic above the 25x32 garage with three of them in warehouse, reflector type
    fixtures. I'm also trying some of the other wattage bulbs, but I would only
    reccomend the 1 and 1.5watt leds for mood lighting or night light. carries them, and
    being LED without any transformer, I'm expecting them to last a good long

    I'm also trying some of the Phocos 12vdc only CFL lamps. They seem to
    output more light per watt once they warm up, but it takes them a moment to
    turn on after you hit the switch, and about 10 mins. to heat up to full
    brightness. After warming up, their 12vdc 15 watt CFL could be compared to
    75 watt incandescent. My 82 year old dad was sceptical of the amount of
    light 40 of them could provide, but once they warmed up, he said "you could
    rebuild an engine in here...." I'm waiting on winter to see how they
    perform from a cold start in the unheatedm un-insulated storage garage.
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