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The world ended today.

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Don McKenzie, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Don McKenzie

    Don McKenzie Guest

  2. Don McKenzie

    Don McKenzie Guest

    Sure Geoff, to be fair you would even have to add 24 hours on top of
    that for the full 24 hours Mexican time for the 21st. (including siesta)

    I wonder if I can get a refund for my Mayan 2013 calender, if the world
    doesn't end. :)


    Don McKenzie

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  3. terryc

    terryc Guest

    Nope tonight apparently.
  4. poop

    poop Guest

    12h37... I can hear rumbling like thunder in the distance here on the Gold
    Coast :-o
  5. terryc

    terryc Guest

    Down here, that would mean it was June and EoFY with the army using up
    surplus ammo on the mortar/artillery range.
  6. Sylvia Else

    Sylvia Else Guest

    We're not sure whether it ended or not. As things stand, we lack even a
    basic mathematical framework that's capable of drawing a distinction
    between world that has ended and a world that hasn't.

    So that's why we didn't wake you - you'd ask "What's happened", and we'd
    say "We don't know - but we thought we should wake you anyway."

    It's hard to imagine that the conversation would have evolved in a
    positive direction after that.

  7. yaputya

    yaputya Guest

    It was supposed to be 11:11 British Standard Time.
    That would be about 20 minutes ago.
    Damn, I'll have to pay that Amex bill after all..........
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