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The ultimate LED flashlight

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Chuck Olson, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. Chuck Olson

    Chuck Olson Guest

    I was wandering around Fry's Electronics recently and came across their
    lengthy stock of flashlights. After trying a few, I decided one in
    particular was worth a purchase. It was the Inova X1 and the designation
    near the UPC code is X1MT-WT, which describes the white one I bought. I
    imagine the WT might change to BK for a black one. But what's so
    exceptional? It's just a perfectly simple cylinder with an LED and reflector
    on one end and a rubber push pad on the other, with both ends the same
    diameter. Press the pad or twist the cap tight to turn it on. Inside is a
    single AA alkaline cell. The package specifies it delivers 25 lumens and it
    cost me $18.99 plus tax..

    Now we all know a white LED requires about 3.5 volts to light up, so this
    flashlight must contain a highly sophisticated electronic circuit that
    turns the 1.5 volts of a single alkaline cell into 3.5 volts and enough
    current to light it quite satisfyingly bright. In fact the Energizer AA cell
    in mine has been working for about 3 weeks, now, through many short searches
    and a few long ones that really drain the energy from most flashlights. The
    cell voltage is down to 1.26 volts, a level at which most portable
    electronics just stop working, but not this one. The brightness is only 21%
    down from when the battery was new.

    To sum up - - this is a flashlight that works on cheap feed, lurks almost
    undetectably in a purse or pocket, stays bright long enough to be
    dependable, and drains the last drop of energy from whatever you feed it.
    What more could you ask?

    Chuck Olson
  2. Chuck Olson

    Chuck Olson Guest

    Thanks for the comment, Rob. You may be right about the ~0.9V end - - it
    hasn't reached that yet, but I'll report how it did and to what final
    voltage. What principals? Thanks, I'm just an old, retired EE that likes
    flashlights, but I'm tired of all the overdesigned, overbright, oversize
    lights, most of which I've already bought but never use. It's heartening to
    hear this is the newsgroup where people know about these things - - I was
    afraid I'd have to start posting in to get the
    attention of a real LED fan. As to the cost, well, it was an impulse buy - -
    guilty of not ordering it from the orient.
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