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The textbook scam

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Bret Ludwig, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. Bret Ludwig

    Bret Ludwig Guest

    Spending large sums of money for textbooks for EE is a scam because
    classical EE is an old discipline and it could be taught perfectly
    using mostly booke now out of copyright from old age or from government
    free use texts like Navy rate training manuals.

    They pay professors enough, they should be prohibited from writing
    textbooks and then making them mandatory.
  2. Guest

    Bret, hate to tell you this but the US Navy has never pplublished an EE
    text. They have some great technicians texts, but that's about all.

    You're correct that EE textbooks are far to overpriced and often
    uneeded new versions are introduced, but that's simply a way to keep
    them up to date. While the basic theory hasn't changed in over 100
    years, new applications have, and the profs try to keep their students
    updated on new developments.

    Would you want to fork over a tuition payment of now over $20K per year
    to any university that didn't?

    Harry C.
  3. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    No it is stupid because there are plenty of them around second hand.

  4. Naveed

    Naveed Guest

    Why don't you share with friends or borrow from the library and make notes
    from the material?
  5. Mike Berger

    Mike Berger Guest

    Yes, but that's a separate problem. EE is one of the areas where
    I think textbook revisions are useful. You could probably convince
    me that calculus doesn't change all that much. The basic theory
    textbooks are a very small part of the whole package.
  6. NAVPERS manuals are simply great (for technicians): No reason why engineering
    students cannot use them ... but they are somewhat lacking in theory and
    I taught EET at universities for 33 years and chose to write textbooks and
    consult to be able to feed a family of four and live in a decent home and
    drive a decent car and afford dental care (not provided by my employer) and
    send my kids to college. Point of view is everything! My book royalties
    and consulting income exceeded my salary for 15 of those years.

    I absolutely agree about the mandatory part! That sucks and should not be
  7. Paul Perry wrote...
    Well, as an author of the fine book you mention above, I can tell
    you that both Paul and I have massive personal electronics-book
    libraries, that we rely on frequently, and that we're constantly
    seeking to expand our holdings. The web simply doesn't hack it.
    But I agree textbook prices over $100 is crazy. The addition of
    CDs of dubious value, accompanied by $180+ prices, is an outrage.
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